The dos and don’ts of moving with a baby


Have you ever moved with a baby before? Whether you have or have not, you can probably guess that this kind of move can quickly turn into a nightmare. Besides dealing with all the moving-related stuff like looking for a new home, selling the old one, packing all the belongings and gathering all the paperwork, you also have to make sure your little one is well taken care of. And, whatever you do, you must put your baby’s safety and well-being in the first place. So, we are not going to lie to you, this process of moving with a baby is going to be complex and stressful. But, do not worry. It is far from impossible. You just have to prepare well and stay organized. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if interested, here is our list of dos and dont’s of moving with a baby.

DO Hire a Moving Agency

One thing is for sure, moving requires a lot of time, money and energy. But, when you have to move with a small baby, be sure that things will get a lot more complex and stressful. Because of that, you should consider hiring a moving agency like US Moving Experts Chicago. Professional movers like these will bring their own packing supplies and their own moving truck, pack and prepare all your belongings for the road, and make sure everything is transported safely to your new address in no time. As you can see, they will take care of all the moving-related processes, and give you your much-needed time and energy. And, trust us, you will need that time and energy when moving with your baby. So, as soon as you decide that you have to move, start looking for a moving agency that suits your needs and budget.

DO NOT Move Until Your New Home is Ready

When you have to move with a baby, by all means, wait until your new home is ready for moving in. That is, make sure your new home is completely baby-proofed! If that is not possible and you have to move in a hurry, at least make sure that the nursery is prepared. Thus, babyproof everything in the nursery – check the windows and doors, put a fence if needed, cover the electricals, and make sure all the furniture is well assembled. Your child’s safety is the most important thing! Moreover, if your home is not ready, you will be forced to live in a hotel with your baby and rent a storage unit for all of your belongings. This will not only cost you a lot of money, but it will be extremely uncomfortable for everybody. Thus, do yourself a favor, and wait until your new home is ready for moving in with a baby. There are many ways to prepare and transform your home without spending a fortune.

DO Pack Your Baby’s Belongings Last

Believe it or not, but this is the number one mistake many parents make when moving with a baby. They start with packing all the toys and baby books trying to get excess stuff out of the way. But, that excess stuff will keep your baby or toddler occupied while you are dealing with all the other moving-related things. If you do end up packing the nursery first, be sure that you will unpack it in a few hours looking for your baby’s favorite toy, or a pacifier or even a blanket. So, leave this room intact and pack it last. If possible pack the nursery a day before moving. And, while you are doing so, be sure to label all the boxes, even write what is inside each box too. Trust us, If your baby starts crying, you will have to open each and every box until you find that specific plush bear.

DO NOT Drive a Truck Rental

In order to save money when moving, many people decide to drive their truck rental by themselves. But, when moving with a baby or a toddler, do not even think about it. Yes, moving trucks have airbags and are completely safe for adults, but they are not suitable for baby car seats. Your child will not be safe in those two or three bucket seats up front. Thus, let movers handle driving the moving truck. You should, by all means, drive your baby in your own car. Prepare the car seat properly, and do not forget to bring your baby’s essentials bag with you. Fill this bag with toys, pacifiers, blankets, foods, and drinks for your little one and keep it close at all times. If however, you are flying, make sure to call the airline company and understand all the protocols of flying with a baby.

Do Unpack the Baby’s Nursery First

Last but definitely not the least thing you must do when moving with a baby is to unpack the nursery first. Yes, as soon as you get to your new address and unload everything from the moving truck, start unpacking the nursery. If you are skilled and know how to assemble the crib and other baby furniture, great! However, if you are not, make sure to find somebody quickly. Your baby must have a proper place to sleep and play. Once the baby furniture is assembled, clean and vacuum everything. Moreover, if the trip was long, and the baby stuff was in the boxes for a day or two, make sure you wash everything. Then, move onto unpacking and renovating the kitchen. That is the second most important room that must be ready when moving with a baby.

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