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New Home Decoration – What Can Help to Have a Better Plan in Place?

Shifting to a new house is an extraordinary affair that can be overwhelming and uncertain at the same time. It is more so because it involves decorating the house. So what should you do to make your space look best while being a reflection of your style?

If you hit the appropriate mix, you will have a happy and comfortable home. If it goes haywire, you will have a mix of fabrics, furniture, and colors that will always be incoherent and never have a pleasing look.

By planning and pursuing a set of professional steps, you can have a higher chance of succeeding.

Plan Your Visit to the Furniture Store

When we do not have a proper plan in place, it often leads to poor choice selection. As they say, you should never buy your grocery when hungry as it leads to poor choices. Similarly, plan your furniture shopping. A panic driven shopping is always harmful.

Say you have recently shifted from Kentucky to Franklin, Tennessee. If you have got a house and need furniture to fill it, you can check for furniture stores in Franklin, TN to start. You should make a checklist of the furniture you will need, and then you can plan your visit accordingly.

Visiting a furniture store and picking up a piece of sofa or table because you like the look of it is not a great way to shop furniture. Your consideration set should include:

  • How will it fit in the room with the rest of the things?
  • What are the measurements of it?

Otherwise, you may have to build your room around the sofa, and the room will look not so pleasing. It is advisable to have a notepad and a measuring tape in hand and start from the room you plan to furnish. 

Knowing Measurements

A vital aspect of every interior plan is the measurements. Having a design plan that matches both the scale of furniture and room is crucial. Putting svelte chairs in a wide-open loft or a deep sectional sofa in a small room are equally bad choices. 

Measuring the length and breadth of each room should be the first step before initiating design. It should have the height of the ceiling, along with details of other elements or obstructions like the columns, stairs, or radiators. 

You should have the measurements for the window openings with the space below them and towards the sides. It should give you an idea about the window coverings later.

Experts suggest that most people make the common mistake of getting the wrong size of furniture. Improper fitment of the sofa in the room, sofa getting clogged at the doorway, big desks, or smaller tables are common across houses. If you carefully measure your place, you can easily avoid these problems. 

Having a Floorplan

After you have the room measurements, the next job is to put it all together to get a bird’s eye view through a floor plan. Knowing the space is crucial, and so every job should start with having a floor plan.

You can have the old school or traditional way of doing it using a pencil, ruler, and paper. However, professional designers prefer using software like AutoCAD. There is a third choice that can be beneficial to you, and that is using mobile applications. 

Modern mobile apps use the smartphone’s camera to automate measurements. The job of floor plan creation becomes easy for all the homeowners using the same. They even provide a 3D look so you can visualise how the space will look. 

After you have the outline in place, you can start your experimentation with the furniture placement. Ensuring this step is critical by matching the footprint of each piece of furniture with the drawing.

Take a Call on How You Want It to Be

When designing a place, there are no correct answers for the decisions that you need to undertake. Your rooms can be visually cool or warm, modern or traditional, and relaxed or formal. 

Your job is to make sure to use the space to the best of your ability. How would you like to live in the given space – is what you should ask yourself. The number of people who will live there and what they like to do are key determinants. 

Plan the Job

Painting ceilings, refinishing hardwood floors, and finishing drywall are jobs that get messy. It is better to complete these before your furniture moves in. If you can not avoid them, sealing the large furniture with plastic drop cloths can help save the day. 

The above can help you to have a better shot at organizing your house. Your home decoration will get a lift with the help of these.

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How to Channel the Cottagecore Aesthetic In Your Home Decor

A quiet, cozy trend that’s taken over social media is cottagecore. This fashion trend includes both home decor and personal fashion. This trend seems to have sprung as a counterpoint to the clean, nearly cold minimalist trend that was all the rage and is still popular today. While the minimalist movement and aesthetic emphasized neutral colors and empty spaces, a quick glance at social media will tell you that cottage core is the exact opposite.

What does it look like?

Here, you channel cozy vibes like a quintessential cottage. There is a strong connection with nature, with flower and leaf prints being the most popular. Your decor should be busy, with a mix and match of eclectic prints. The aesthetics of the cottagecore movement can vary with the specific aesthetic you want to achieve with your home decor. The home decor looks organized but still has a lived-in feel. It channels vintage fashion aesthetics as well. Here’s how to channel cottagecore through different parts of your house!


If you’re looking for cottagecore furniture, an effortless way would be to look for tufted wooden furniture. Stay away from minimalist styles with solid colors. Instead, your upholstery should be bright and cheerful. Think back to the aesthetic you found in your grandma’s house, the vintage prints and elaborate pattern style on her curtains or sofas.

In case you’re looking for a complete cottagecore overhaul, remember to bring your cottagecore aesthetics outside to your garden and patio. You can turn to cane industries for cottagecore furniture that you can use on your patio, balcony, or garden. Cane furniture is incredibly sturdy and can withstand the elements easily. They will also last your entire life, so you can invest in cane furniture for your main home as well.


An underrated way to channel the cottagecore aesthetic movement in your home is to change your kitchen and get utensils that are a stark contrast to the clean lines and stainless steel vibe we have come to expect. You can search for pictures of vintage kitchenware to get an idea of what was in fashion a few decades ago. Then, choose a style that is most similar to that for your new decor.

You can find great vintage bargains at a thrift store. Also, check Goodwill and other similar secondhand shops to get excellent deals on a wide variety of kitchenware. The sustainability movement has made thrift stores pretty popular, and many of them have shifted online too. While you’re at it, make sure to check for some cottagecore clothing that you can show off on Instagram!

Vintage Prints and Live Plants

As we mentioned before, cottagecore aesthetics have an intrinsic connection to plants and greenery. You can bring this into your home in two ways. Firstly, you can get vintage prints of flowers, floral patterns, and other natural science diagrams framed. This gives a retro vibe to your home, and the flowers and plants add a peaceful, warm feeling to your home.

The second way is to use a lot of actual plants and flowers inside your home. You can keep vases to keep the flowers in or keep indoor plants in pots around your house. Choose vintage-style vases and containers to keep the cottagecore aesthetic consistent throughout your home. This tiny spark of life will add a wonderful dimension to your home decor.

Warm Lights

Since the cottagecore movement is all about warm and cozy places, it makes sense to upgrade your lighting too. The easiest way to add cottagecore lighting is to use standard fairy lights all around your home. This looks great on social media like Instagram and adds to a fun aspect of your home’s fashion elements.

Fairy lights are also evocative of a particular lifestyle that cottagecore blends with, so they are an excellent investment. You can also change out the bulbs to warm white or warm yellow lights. Ensure there is a balance between traditional white lights and warm yellow lights in your home to ensure visibility isn’t impacted.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Finally, we come to the miscellaneous accessories you can buy for your home to give a more cottage-like feel. Cottagecore accessories are innumerable, from hand towels to showpieces and more. Instead of listing it down, you should look for plastic pieces around your home you can replace with natural, sustainable materials like wood or cotton.

Look for traditional floral prints or embroidery styles on the fabrics you buy. You want to give everything a rural feel over a fast-paced city feel. You can shop around for as many things as you would like to turn cottagecore. So what are you waiting for? Head to the vintage shop and start living your best cottagecore life today!

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Easy Ways You Can Make Your Home Totally Zen

Zen in Japanese interpretation means meditation.

Hence, ensuring your home has a decor where zen principles play an important role, will allow you to ensure that you will be able to attain inner peace as soon as you reach home in no time.

But what are the different ways one can have zen-defined decor in their home?

Well, that is pretty easy.

All one would need to do is follow the tips mentioned below:-

Your home should boast visual continuity

A home that has zen home decor should be given a makeover using light, earthly, natural shades of paint such as –

  • White
  • Grey
  • All the known shades of beige
  • Shades of pink and the likes.

Surfaces inside a home that has natural shades ensure that the people living inside them feel relaxed as chromatic harmony acts as a form of catalyst that ensures a state of zen is attained inside a home in no time.

Using natural shades such as the ones mentioned above results in visual continuity between –

  • The furniture
  • The walls and
  • All surfaces such as the floors.

Why is visual continuity important to make a home feel zen?

Well, visual continuity allows your brain to remain in a state of calm as color variations provide your brain with a lot of information at the same time thus overwhelming it and your mind in turn!

Hence, for your inner peace, ensure your home has visual continuity.

You can always place indoor plants inside your home

There is nothing more zen in a home than a bonsai or indoor gardens boasting zen fountains, stones, sand, and living plants placed in strategic places.

Having plants, fountains, and gardens inside your home will ensure you can easily deviate your mind from the stress of your work life and disconnect from the outside world as soon as you reach your home.

On top of this, indoor plants such as a zen bonsai will also improve the air quality inside your home by pumping more oxygen in the ambient air and absorbing excess carbon dioxide in the process.

Need more convincing?

Light natural fabrics can work wonders

Your home is the place where you unwind, relax, and try to attain inner peace. Hence, cover all possible surfaces where you sit or lie down with light, natural and comfortable fabrics.

On top of this, you should also use natural, light colored fabrics for your curtains. You should keep in mind that curtains also take up an important space when it comes to zen decor for a home.

Curtains, well, they not only provide you with privacy but also block noise, excess light, and rowdy gusts of air from rushing in your home and making you lose your concentration especially when you are meditating or trying to attain inner peace.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you can also try to make your home feel more zen by removing clutter from your line of sight and the reason is simple – a messy home can make you feel irritated. Often take the time out from your busy schedule and clear all the clutter from your home. Clutter inhibits you from attaining inner peace and organizing your abode can have the opposite, positive effect. Try to keep this in mind.

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Plumbing Services You Can Count on

As a homeowner, there are few things quite as annoying as a leak or other plumbing-related issue. They can often lead to further damage in your house and they are more often than not costly, annoying endeavours.

With plumbing services in Eastbourne, you can ensure that any leak or plumbing-related issue is taken care of in a timely manner. Leaks can be especially hazardous for your home if they go unchecked. They can lead to structural damage that can make the home no longer safe to inhabit.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

The unfortunate thing about plumbing problems is that they can entail a vast array of things. That is why the Eastbourne plumbing service needs to be able to handle a litany of things. This can and should include things such as:

  • Central heating installation
  • Boiler repairs
  • Underfloor heating
  • Gas safety reports
  • Pumped cold water installations
  • Bathroom installations
  • Gas cooker installations
  • Unvented hot water installations

No matter the need, a proper Eastbourne plumbing service will be able to handle the job. When your plumbing isn’t working the way that it was meant to, it can be a major issue in your life. Don’t let that happen.

Delivering Peace of Mind

The most important thing that your Eastbourne plumbing service delivers is peace of mind. Instead of having to worry about the integrity of your plumbing or the quality of the work done, you can count on a plumbing professional to get the job done right.

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Paving the Way to Better Kerb Appeal

When it comes to the exterior of a property, there are few things that can make for an aesthetically pleasing change quite the same as a freshly paved driveway. When that driveway looks brand-new, it can give the entire property that kerb appeal that helps homes look better or to sell.

Finding reliable driveway pavers in Nottingham has never been easier. Whatever work you need done to the exterior of your home or commercial property, it can be done by experienced professionals who understand the value of a job well done.

Proper Paving

Good Nottingham pavers will be able to meet your paving needs, whatever they may be. Even better, they can handle all of the problems that you may be having with the exterior of your property. This can include:

  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Patios
  • Driveways

Keeping your property looking aesthetically pleasing and fresh has never been easier than with a reliable, trustworthy paver. It can make the entire experience of changing your outdoor space better than you would have ever believed.

Quality Every Time

The best Nottingham pavers will have a dedication to quality each and every time that they perform a job. This instils a level of trustworthiness that cannot be beaten and that everyone looks for when they need work done.

Make the outside of your home or commercial business look fresh and new with paving work done the right way. It will give your property a visual appeal unlike any other.

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The dos and don’ts of moving with a baby

Have you ever moved with a baby before? Whether you have or have not, you can probably guess that this kind of move can quickly turn into a nightmare. Besides dealing with all the moving-related stuff like looking for a new home, selling the old one, packing all the belongings and gathering all the paperwork, you also have to make sure your little one is well taken care of. And, whatever you do, you must put your baby’s safety and well-being in the first place. So, we are not going to lie to you, this process of moving with a baby is going to be complex and stressful. But, do not worry. It is far from impossible. You just have to prepare well and stay organized. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if interested, here is our list of dos and dont’s of moving with a baby.

DO Hire a Moving Agency

One thing is for sure, moving requires a lot of time, money and energy. But, when you have to move with a small baby, be sure that things will get a lot more complex and stressful. Because of that, you should consider hiring a moving agency like US Moving Experts Chicago. Professional movers like these will bring their own packing supplies and their own moving truck, pack and prepare all your belongings for the road, and make sure everything is transported safely to your new address in no time. As you can see, they will take care of all the moving-related processes, and give you your much-needed time and energy. And, trust us, you will need that time and energy when moving with your baby. So, as soon as you decide that you have to move, start looking for a moving agency that suits your needs and budget.

DO NOT Move Until Your New Home is Ready

When you have to move with a baby, by all means, wait until your new home is ready for moving in. That is, make sure your new home is completely baby-proofed! If that is not possible and you have to move in a hurry, at least make sure that the nursery is prepared. Thus, babyproof everything in the nursery – check the windows and doors, put a fence if needed, cover the electricals, and make sure all the furniture is well assembled. Your child’s safety is the most important thing! Moreover, if your home is not ready, you will be forced to live in a hotel with your baby and rent a storage unit for all of your belongings. This will not only cost you a lot of money, but it will be extremely uncomfortable for everybody. Thus, do yourself a favor, and wait until your new home is ready for moving in with a baby. There are many ways to prepare and transform your home without spending a fortune.

DO Pack Your Baby’s Belongings Last

Believe it or not, but this is the number one mistake many parents make when moving with a baby. They start with packing all the toys and baby books trying to get excess stuff out of the way. But, that excess stuff will keep your baby or toddler occupied while you are dealing with all the other moving-related things. If you do end up packing the nursery first, be sure that you will unpack it in a few hours looking for your baby’s favorite toy, or a pacifier or even a blanket. So, leave this room intact and pack it last. If possible pack the nursery a day before moving. And, while you are doing so, be sure to label all the boxes, even write what is inside each box too. Trust us, If your baby starts crying, you will have to open each and every box until you find that specific plush bear.

DO NOT Drive a Truck Rental

In order to save money when moving, many people decide to drive their truck rental by themselves. But, when moving with a baby or a toddler, do not even think about it. Yes, moving trucks have airbags and are completely safe for adults, but they are not suitable for baby car seats. Your child will not be safe in those two or three bucket seats up front. Thus, let movers handle driving the moving truck. You should, by all means, drive your baby in your own car. Prepare the car seat properly, and do not forget to bring your baby’s essentials bag with you. Fill this bag with toys, pacifiers, blankets, foods, and drinks for your little one and keep it close at all times. If however, you are flying, make sure to call the airline company and understand all the protocols of flying with a baby.

Do Unpack the Baby’s Nursery First

Last but definitely not the least thing you must do when moving with a baby is to unpack the nursery first. Yes, as soon as you get to your new address and unload everything from the moving truck, start unpacking the nursery. If you are skilled and know how to assemble the crib and other baby furniture, great! However, if you are not, make sure to find somebody quickly. Your baby must have a proper place to sleep and play. Once the baby furniture is assembled, clean and vacuum everything. Moreover, if the trip was long, and the baby stuff was in the boxes for a day or two, make sure you wash everything. Then, move onto unpacking and renovating the kitchen. That is the second most important room that must be ready when moving with a baby.

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Remodeling Your Living Room on a Budget

With all of the interest and hype in popular DIY television shows and the access to creative styles as seen on Pinterest and other apps, it is no surprise than the do-it-yourself movement has taken over home remodeling and redecorating. Even those with no prior experience or knowledge seem to have a newfound confidence in their ability to give their home a transformation. Unfortunately, many people fail to calculate the importance of finances as they design a plan for their home. At the end of the day, the project will only go as far as the funding. Sometimes this means a shoestring budget for an elaborate scheme of re-design. Fortunately, there are several tips to help update your style while on a budget.

Choose Your Priorities

Your mind might be racing with possibilities for your home, but the reality of the situation is more limited. Pick a location that gets the most use and work on that first. A living room is a great place to start for updates. Just like you need to narrow down where to spend the money in terms of space, you also need to develop what will take first priority if you are making purchases. Your best investment might be into quality materials that are eco-friendly, stunning, and comfortable. The Cariloha pillow collection is one of those areas that might deserve some attention. Look through the existing accessories and features you have, then divide your funds strategically and most effectively.

Work With Sustainable Materials

The importance of going green, even in the home, should not be understated. If you are looking to update your design, keep a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly options. Look for ways to repurpose old furniture or elements before purchasing new things. Use natural textures in your furnishings, drapes, rugs, and pillows to create an open and more inviting space. Going green isn’t just about the environment, it also promoted your overall health and established a more relaxing environment. The durability of materials such as wood or bamboo also saves money in the long run, because they won’t need replacing.

Alter Lighting or Color

Some simple fixes to make your living room look completely brand new is altering the lighting or color found in the room. Painting is a budget-friendly way to transform the overall look of your space, but by adding accent or mood lighting, you can create a new feature or eye-catching focal point in the room. Table lamps can be covered in fabrics or textures to alter the look, and rearranging their location can also shed light in more overlooked areas of a space. Working your color scheme to match the tones in your furniture or fabrics creates a cohesive look that draws the eye around the whole room. This approach makes a space look bigger and more inviting.

Be Selective

Working with what you have is one way to improve the design and functionality of your living room. However, if you are going to spend money to create a new space, choose your priorities. Invest in comfortable, multi-functional elements that maximize the funds spent. This way you can enjoy your revamped space without moaning about the dent in your bank account.

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How to Decorate Your First Home On A Budget

How To Decorate Your First Home On A Budget

from Alexanian Carpet and Flooring

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Interior Design 101: Practical Tips For New Homeowners

Pulling off a good interior design isn’t always a matter of breaking your wallet. When it comes to good design, it takes the right blend of your intended “theme” and the elements you possess to create good unity in your home design. Sometimes, you just need to follow a few practical guides along the way. This article will help you jumpstart your interior design.

First Things First: Remember Your Theme

Before you look for interior design tips, always remember to establish your intended interior design first. This can be as simple as having a theme or an emotion you have to convey. You can also take it to the next level by creating a home layout and even identifying exactly the kind of furniture and materials you want your house to have. With that theme in mind, you can use these practical tips to improve your interior design:

  1. Space isn’t always a literal concept: When we talk of space in terms of interior design, it’s not always about “literally” having “a lot” or “too little” of space for your furniture and accessories. Space takes on a lot of forms. Some of the best home designs make the most out of the space they have, and this usually involves tinkering about with certain design elements.
  • If you have smaller rooms, you can actually make use of lighter and softer colors to help make the room feel larger. This is best complemented with the use of mirrors and larger windows, as the natural lighting in your small room can make the room itself “feel” larger than what it already is.
  • Likewise, darker colors can make rooms feel much smaller than they are. Even if you have a lot of natural light, the fact that there’s not much room for the eyes to “see” color is a bit constricting, making things a bit more “boxed in.”
  • Use large windows and large mirrors to convey the illusion of space. A lot of restaurants position mirrors to reflect the diners below. If you look at it at first glance, this gives the impression that the room is larger than it looks. If you have your layout in mind, this also makes it easier for cross country movers to position your furniture in an orderly fashion.
  1. Mirrors and windows can help with light: Not all houses get ample natural lighting, and sometimes using actual lights can be costly in terms of your electricity bill. This doesn’t mean adding lighting to your home is impossible. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of help from windows and mirrors.
  • Well-positioned mirrors and windows can add a lot of natural light to your room. Try to position mirrors directly across windows to maximize this effect. Regardless of the mirror size, this is a pretty good technique to use in cramped spaces.
  • You can also make use of larger windows to make sure more sunlight hits your room or home. Of course, don’t pick windows that are too large that everyone can see what you’re doing at home.
  1. Mix and match details in your rooms, such as patterns and textures: Sometimes, one of the best ways you can pull off good interior design is through mix-and-match. Patterns and textures, when used properly, can help you create a good and powerful impression to your living space.
  • Go personal and creative. Why not showcase your personal artworks or galleries of meaning photos that are laid out in geometric patterns? Not only can these really make your home shine, it can add that well-deserved personal touch. You can ask help by hiring moving services NYC to handle your collection of personal effects with care so you can position them around your home easy-peasy.
  • Try to remain consistent with your overall “theme.” If you have a modern home, use mix-and-match but with fabrics and patterns that fall under modern aesthetics – such as geometric shapes and more neutral colors. If you’re aiming for a more playful look, you can aim for fabrics and designs that have a lot of swirls and vibrant colors.
  1. Be mindful of what you look for when you shop: One might think interior design is naturally expensive, but it isn’t. While getting furniture and other materials do cost money, it doesn’t have to break your bank. All you need is a good eye on materials and things you should buy in order to make your purchase worth the while. Some good advice would be:
  • Don’t get “sets.” Try as much as possible to only have three (3) items from the same store in a room. You want to give a room a distinct look and not make it into a showroom.
  • Try to look at the furniture from your own point of view. How do you plan on using them on an everyday basis? Can these things be used by you and the family all the time, in exactly the way they need it?
  • Try to go online shopping. Sometimes, online stores have good furniture for cheap that can really spice up the look in your rooms.
  • Look at the items you already have. Sometimes you’d be surprised with the kind of things you already own that can complement your intended theme or design.

Interior Design Basics: Understand The Space And What Happens Inside And Out

With the above taken into consideration, always remember that good interior design pays just as much attention to space and design as you do the furniture and accessories you put in your home. It’s important to take note of just what impression you want to give visitors, but to also make sure it lies consistent with what you want your home to do for you and your family. This means emphasizing on both the space you’re using and what you want it to represent, as well as how you want it used.

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6 Design Ideas to Elevate Your Interior Space

With the interior design of space, it is essential to put into consideration the customer’s taste and preference before incorporating the design techniques in the intended area. For this article, we will be looking at some of the ideas that can be implemented and bring about a stylish and good change into your interior space.

The design process itself is a piece of art that requires skill and precision to ensure that your interior design needs are met. Some of the design ideas you can use to bring into effect the elevation of interior space include putting into consideration the colour, space itself, lighting provision, texture, shape, and patterns as well as some of the items that will be fitted into your space such as furniture and what have you.


To begin with, you will have to know about the importance of colour in interior design. It is a language understood visually, and so it becomes essential and useful if you intend to communicate through interior design. You have to familiarize yourself with colour behaviour and what impact they have on your moods. The behaviour can be classified as neutral, passive, or active.

These different categories have different types of colours under them, and they bring about a precise balance in a room. More also, a colour’s character can change with tweaking of light and saturation; hence, you have to be very specific about the colour to use, including the particular shade. Light colours bring about a bright and larger room feeling while dark colours can bring a tense feeling. It is therefore advised to choose light colours to bring more life into your rooms.


You can use classy furniture well-spaced from the walls for your space such as sofa beds which come in a variety of designs including legit leather as well as other exquisite leather-like fabrics as mentioned over here, to enhance the overall look. These can be perfectly fitted in living rooms, and some of the designs are such that they ensure you are still left with ample space for comfort.


Space is at the forefront of the design process for before the work, and you have to know and analyze the amount of space you have to be able to bring the interior design work into play. Space should be adequate so that it doesn’t cause a cramped feeling to the room for you or the people using it.

There are some parts of the room which are not used known as the negative space. You can use this space by having large-sized overhanging fans for ceilings or visual elements such as cladding to ensure large-sized ceilings are covered. You should also provide adequate space between objects in the room for people to move around with ease.


You are advised to ensure proper lighting for your space to ensure to illuminate the rooms. The lighting plans are generally determined by the floor plans where the best source of lighting is the natural light. However, you should not overemphasize the flame to ensure and maintain elegance. You are advised to go for warm light for lighting features in your space.


It is an overall important feature in any space. Ensure the best texture for your area by having the right flooring material as well as the tiles and carpets that you use.

Shape and Pattern

This can be achieved by ensuring their balance, and it can be done with the use of wallpapers with the desired pattern. Stability in terms of shapes such as triangle, square, round, and rectangular objects attract interest. This can generally be achieved by trying them out until you get the best result.