Things You Need To Know About Travertine Stone Before Installing In Bathroom


For centuries, travertine stone or the natural stone has been used for architectural construction and that we can witness some of the major and famous structures. Whether it is the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur in Paris or the Coliseum in Rome all are constructed with the travertine stone. Continuing with the legacy even in modern times, this natural stone is used to provide an unmatched finished and amazing look to the house. Here we would be discussing some facts related to travertine stone when used for bathroom.

Why should one go for Travertine Stone?

Because of the availability of several options, often people are seen in a dilemma regarding what to use for flooring. Suggestions come pouring in from close people. However, the mind is stuck, and the heart is captured with the beauty once seen in an old castle or a fort. After thorough research, the tile came out to be travertine tile.

Well, why should one use travertine stone or tile for the house? According to travertine pavers in Sydney, it is the commonest question that they come across every day. The basic reason for choosing this is to give the house an amazing touch of beauty and elegance. Apart from this, the design and texture add to the style and decor of the space irrespective of whether it is a bathroom or a living room.

In addition to this, it is cost-effective as compared to marble and has its own exclusive appeal and luxury. When talked about bathroom usage, travertine tile or stone would add value and make the ambiance soothing with its different variants like tones of yellow, grey, gold, and brown.

What Kind of Finish do you want to give to your Bathroom?

According to the travertine pavers in Sydney, the best thing about going with this particular tile type is that the person has the liberty to choose from a wide range of finishes. To name some of them that can be chosen to compliment the bathroom are as follows—

  • Honed finish coupled with Unfilled or Filled surface
  • Polished
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled and Unfilled
  • Acid Washing

Getting a Studio Bathroom with Travertine and Apt Tapware

Apt Tapware

According to the travertine pavers in Sydney, a beautiful, engaging, and studio bathroom can only be achieved when every element included finishing the bathroom is flawless. Bathroom tapware in Sydney plays a crucial role in ensuring that the place looks pristine and well-organized. In order to add an undying touch of French beauty to the bathroom, it is necessary to mix and match the tiles and tapware properly.

The professionals are of the opinion that the availability of different sizes and finishes of travertine tile should complement the bathroom tapware in Sydney. For example, a brushed finished tile will always go with matt finished tapware. In addition to this, the colour and shades should always complement the ambiance of the bathroom.


In case of doubt or confusion, professional assistance is always going to be of great help. Apart from this, getting a detailed idea of what is available in a travertine tile store and bathroom tapware in Sydney would help in designing a dream, studio-like bathroom.

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