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What Is Radon Testing Treatment?

Radon is a radioactive gas found in many households across the world. It is released into the atmosphere as a result of the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Radon can also enter your home through your water supply, albeit this is a far lower risk than radon entering through the soil. You can have your private well tested for radon if you have one. If the levels are high, the water supply can be treated to remove the radon before it enters your home. If you have radon concerns and your water comes from a public source, you should contact your water supplier. 

Radon is thought to be responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year. This is because breathing radon-contaminated air can cause lung cancer. Only smoking kills more people from lung cancer than radon. Lung cancer is especially likely if you smoke and your home has high radon levels. The only way to know if you and your family are at risk from radon is to be tested. It is recommended that all residences below the third floor should be tested for radon to avoid health issues. Testing in schools is also recommended by the EPA. Testing is low-cost and simple, taking only a few minutes of your time. RAdata can also help you with this.

Home buyers and sellers may choose to have a radon test performed by a skilled radon tester who is familiar with the right settings, test instruments, and procedures for achieving a reliable radon test result.

The water supply in your home might be treated in one of two ways. 

  • Water that has been treated at the point of entry can efficiently eliminate radon from the water before it enters your home. Aeration devices or granular activated carbon (GAC) filters are commonly used for point-of-entry treatment. While GAC filters are less expensive than aeration devices, they can gather radioactivity and require a special disposal procedure.
  • The second option is to use point-of-use treatment systems to remove radon from your water at the faucet, but they only treat a tiny percentage of it, such as the water you consume. The risk of breathing radon discharged into the air from all water used in the home is not reduced by point-of-use devices.

Radon-resistant construction strategies can help prevent radon from entering a home. These simple and inexpensive measures can help reduce indoor radon levels in houses when installed properly and entirely. 

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Should You Opt For A Patio Awning In The New Year

Awnings or an overhead located at the exterior walls on the doors, windows, or along the sidewalk leaves an extraordinary appeal to the house. It works as a shade for sitting arrangements in the garden area or as a covering of the pool.  A well-furnished home seems bare without an awning that gives your interior an aesthetic appeal and a royal look. Admittedly, it protects your home from unbearable scorching sunlight during the summer months. Nevertheless, instead of applying a shield on the glass, transform the exterior look of your home this New Year and give an awestruck look by installing beautifully coloured Houston Awnings. The list below is the four reasons to install awnings at your home.

  1. Reduces Summer Heat and Maintain A Comfortable Temperature

The summer heat waves entering through the windows are very uncomfortable. They tend to increase utility bills due to too much usage of the air conditioner at your home. Besides, few rooms transform into furnaces by late afternoon hours, hence unable to use them. A permanent solution from the next summers is to use the awnings on the windows to protect from sunlight that reduces more than 75% of heat entering into the rooms. Choose the retractable awnings that are adjustable during the winter months when the heat is likeable and soothing.

  1. Protect the Interior From UV Rays

UV rays slowly damage your polished furniture, upholstery, floorings, wallpaper, and even the clothing that receives direct sunlight. You may discover the difference of colour between the exposed portion and the one that is not revealing to the sun. Install awnings and increase the shelf life of your furnishings and furniture by filtering the UV rays.

  1. Installing Awnings Extends Your Living Space

Summer months are so stuffy and sweaty that you do not want to stay indoors. Instead, you want to continue your living room with the porch area by installing patio awnings then you can make your approach towards Regal awnings.  Patio awnings may transform into an extra room, which is much more relaxed and comfortable than the interiors. Kids may enjoy playing, may serve evening snacks, or even arrange a small get together in the extra-ventilated room of your home.

  1. It Provides an Attractive Appeal to the Exterior of the House

Colourful design awning is widely available in the market that may change the surface of the home if you look from far away from our neighbourhood. Your property adds an extra charm by using stunning awnings on the windows and doors of your residence. It works well when you need to sell your house as it increases your resale value.

Inevitably, in this New Year, you want to give your property a sharp appeal and magnetic charm that may attract people to your residence. Do connect with the best awning suppliers that will help transform your house into a suitable dwelling space for all seasons and throughout the year.

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How To Assess A Property Location?

For any given property, it’s location is a key parameter in defining its value despite the fact the style, type and size of construction has its own value. The land value of the property assumes a significant portion of the overall property value. So, if you are planning to buy a property, which location you are buying the property is a key factor to determine its overall resale value. Let us see some important ways through which you can assess a property location.

Rising Rate of the Property Location

If the real estate price in a location is skyrocketing within a very short time, then it is an indicator that the location is hot. In spite of that, the steep price increase within a short period is a matter of concern too. Because for practical purposes, it may be quite expensive to start because the land cost itself consumes a large portion of your planned budget in case you are looking to build a home or set up a shop for business. If it is for a business purpose and you are in the real estate trade, you may consider buying and selling some pieces of land for a quick profit depending on your budget. Fast growing areas like these with explosive growth rates are not practically tenable to buy and settle for long-term living or business purposes with limited budgets. Such property types may be suitable for ultra-premium business houses who desperately need topnotch locations to get visibility and walk-ins of their top-end and high-street premium customers.

There are other sets of property locations which are quite less with their initial acquisition cost but show steady and phenomenal rise over the years. If you observe their past rate of price increase, the rate shows a similar pattern. Based on the infrastructure development and the pace of occupation of these locations, the real estate prices tend to grow steadily but sharply. These property locations pay off in the long run and are good investment options for both housing, savings, assets, renting off or business purposes. These locations are low hanging fruits. They are relatively easy to buy as they are affordable with a limited budget. And, at the same time, they will grow and bring handsome returns that you can sell at a very high rate in a course of time.

Preferability of the Location By Various Stakeholders

If you see a location is preferred by many players and stakeholders such as real estate companies, builders, individual home buyers, business people, small and large scale retail  houses, corporate giants, etc., you can mark that location as that hyped and pulsating location – which is in high demand. As this location is supposed to grow suddenly because of its multifactorial reasons, it is creating an organic and natural demand and thus, attracts both household and commercial sectors to create housing and business set-ups over there and stay put for a long-term presence. You can zealously invest in such locations given its price considerations and reap the benefits humongously sooner or later. Have a word with the Leading Architects in India to get to know the real facts about a location.

Current & Future Infrastructure Developments

When you see, hear or learn about small and large scale infrastructure projects being envisioned, forecasted, planned, created, executed and constructed or there are project announcements and much of a news floating about such infrastructural developments in a particular location and its surroundings, then it clearly shows that the place is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming days and makes a perfect place for making your real estate investment. For this, you have to know the timeline as to when such and such projects really shape up and get to completion so that you will know when the place becomes safe, secure, convenient and connected with all the entry and exit roads and necessary amenities and conveniences available so that you can start constructing your favourite and dream home and start living there.

Access & Exit Road Connectivity

An area under planning by the public authorities or private groups gets those signs through the laying of roads in full swing. The oncoming of roads are a clear indication of housing and developmental projects coming to that area shortly and the place is indeed growing. It is obvious and understandable that constructions follow road connectivity irrespective of the level of growth  now. Broad roads, planned outlays and clearly marked plots are hallmarks of urbanization and such an area is very much under the radar of the government.

Attractive Factors of the Locality

You can look at the various attractive factors of the locality and assess the location. Attractive factors include the climatic conditions, scenic landscape, interconnectivity to various areas of the town or city, natural settings like surrounding mountains, green pastures, lakes and water bodies, availability of urban facilities like banks, hospitals, entertainment facilities, parks, utilities, government offices, hospitals & health care centres, commercial & shopping complexes, etc.

When it comes to Coimbatore, the selection of the city itself for the Smart City project is a major boost to the city. The Smart City infrastructure all across the city is beautifying the city and is a major attraction for those living and visiting the city. As a result of the Smart City renovations and beautifications in the city, the entire city gets a facelift and the locations’ real estate price value is sharply increasing as the city is now able to bring in more investments than ever before. Owing to these, you can invest in both commercial and residential plots in Coimbatore and realize a pleasant lifestyle for your housing stay and higher rental and resale value based on your objectives. To build homes in a safe, secure, serene and happening locale, check with


Property assessment indicators are many and as such you have to rank those indicators and factors based on the priority to evaluate a real estate property location. The best thing to do is to leave it to the professionals. You can hire real estate experts and professionals and assign them these tasks. They mostly have ready reckoners and guides as it is their profession and can help you right away without loss of time. They may even shed light on new factors that you did not even think about and advise you on the right investments with live field research reports and knowledge. So, get to the right expert teams and make your property location assessment job simple, and make the perfect investment choice.

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Make The Most of Online Home Searches

Thanks to cutting-edge technology advancements, you may now skip the open house cycle and hunt for a house on the Internet. Real estate listings from all around the world are available on multiple sites and apps. As a result, even if you are not in the same country or state, you are guaranteed to find a home that matches your needs and is cost-effective.

Factors to Consider When Buying A House Online

1. Preferred Location

The task of looking for a rental home on the Internet might be intimidating. You may find thousands of postings on hundreds of different websites. Many organizations may advertise the same residence, so use location as a factor to narrow down the list of suggestions.

When you discover a suitable rental property, do your homework on the surrounding area. What is the crime rate in that neighborhood? Ascertain that the water and electrical systems are well-connected, and there are parks and roads nearby. Also, see if the residence is close to any schools or health care facilities. To aid you with the search, you might contact a virtual real estate agent

2. Facilities and Utilities

Read the entire description carefully. A great rental unit listing will include a well-written description that highlights the apartment’s most essential characteristics. Make a list of must-haves based on your needs vs. wants.

Take a look at the pictures that have been uploaded. Keep in mind, though, that what you see isn’t necessarily what is on the ground. And allow your personality and lifestyle to guide your choices. Let the estate agent or property manager if you have any design and decor specifications. For instance, if the house is fully-furnished, you can request that a ferm living robot pillow be used on all indoor furniture.

Inquire about house inspection certifications from the vendor or agent. This allows you to determine whether the property has any possible problems. You can bargain for a lower price if you discover any issues. The vendor will very certainly conduct a background check to convince the landlord or agent that you are a qualified candidate to lease the property.

3. Cost vs. Budget

It’s best if you weigh the asking price against your current financial resources. Viewing a home that you cannot afford is pointless. As a result, use search criteria to find rental properties that are within your budget. Inquire about payment arrangements with the seller or agent. Will you have to pay cash or use a property management app to pay online? It may help to calculate the interest rate on a mortgage and choose one that comfortably fits within your monthly expenses.

To determine your eligibility as a prospective renter, obtain your Tenant Credit Report. Most landlords prefer applicants with high credit ratings since they indicate your capacity to pay rent on time.

The Bottom Line

Using the Internet to look for a home may be a fun and fruitful venture. However, be wary of rental scams and con artists posing as reputable merchants, as you should be with almost everything online. Look for websites maintained by trustworthy organizations and qualified persons to avoid losing money or falling victim to identity theft. All in all, the online space is an excellent source of listings. Employing the proper criteria is sure to get you the house you need.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Organization and Storage Guide

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.

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5 Things to know when Building Small Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits

The city life is destroying us. It has become almost impossible to live and function properly within cities because there’s so much traffic, pollution, and so many people are trying to make their habitat a perfect place while ignoring everyone else’s needs.

A solution to this problem is going into the mountains. However, it’s 2021, and we can’t live like Neanderthals in caves, but we need a modern home that will have all the necessities, without the burden of having so many people around us to destroy the enjoyment from living in a beautiful home.

If you’re up for this solution, then you should get yourself a fine cabin log in the mountains, and start enjoying yourself. However, before doing it, you should know a couple of things about how to do it. There are lots of small log cabin kits that you can choose from, but you must know a couple of things before starting to work on it. Check out what these things are!

1. Choose the style before starting anything

There are tons of big and small log cabin kits out there, and they are all amazing in one way or another. However, not all of them can be assembled equally easily, and not all of them will look the same. The quality is different, and the appearance can never be the same.

This is why you need to do your share of research before starting to build anything. Look for your options and think about your style. With so many options, you must explore before deciding to get one. Exploring will provide so many styles and options, that it will be hard to decide, though.

However, it’s crucial to locate the one you love because once you get it and start working on it, there will be no going back. Find the exact style that suits your wishes perfectly, and only then continue investigating and researching for the ultimate choice.

2. Make sure you have energy and a water source

Another great issue is where the log cabin is going to be placed. You need to buy land, which is the easier part, but you must find one that will have access to electricity and water. You can’t just buy any land out there because not all places have the permit to build a structure on it.

Look through the documents of the state you’re in and ask the county governmental clerks about where you can and can’t build. Once you have your options, you can choose the best location. Still, don’t accept land where you can get electricity and a water supply, because no one can live properly without these two things. See the importance of these here.

3. Be prepared to maintain them just as much as your regular home

A lot of people think that building is the hard part. There’s no doubt that it is complicated, but there are lots of obligations after everything’s finished too. Understand that you’ll have to take care of the entire place just like it is your home.

The bad thing is that you can’t hire a company to clean the place up, because no one will go up in the mountains to do it regularly. You will be the one that will, and if you maintain your home by yourself, then you know how difficult it may be.

Be prepared for this. You can’t leave wood unprotected, insects eating your porch, and stuff like that. You must constantly take care of the place, or it will get ruined in a matter of years. If you’re not ready for something like this, don’t even start.

4. They are easy to be assembled by yourself, but only if you’re skilled

Mountain log cabin kits are easy to be assembled but if you’re not skilled with tools and you have never seen one assembled, then be sure that it’s not going to be a piece of cake for you. Some people buy these kits and only then find out that they are the ones that need to do all the work.

Understand that although there’s everything packed inside these kits, you don’t get free installation by professional construction workers. If you want this done, you’ll need to find and hire these guys.

If you feel like you’re capable of doing it yourself, then feel free to get the best kit for yourself, and get on with the action. The logs are simple to be put together, so if you have the proper equipment and a little help from friends and family, be sure that you’ll build the house of your dreams with your bare hands.

5. It is the perfect getaway from the city

When everything’s done, you’ll be amazed by the beauty you’ve erected. Everyone talks about the view and the clean fresh air of these log cabins, and they are right. Everything that is not available in the crowded cities – is available here. See more about this here:

If you’re tired of constantly arguing with people who don’t care about anything, and you want to relax from the world, be sure that having something like this is the answer. Find the best cabin for your taste, put in some effort building it, and then enjoy the wonderful sunsets and sunrises from a place outside of the city chaos.


Only those who had the chance to live in a cabin log outside city jams know the beauty of it. If you feel like you like the trend of having cabin logs in the mountains, you should go ahead and look for one in the market. There are so many options that the hardest part is choosing which one you prefer most.

These five points from above explain what you must know before start working on one. If you like what you see, then be sure that you’re making the right choice. Find a great cabin, and create your perfect getaway place.

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Home Renovation Ideas to Give Your Home a Complete Makeover

Do you want to enhance the value of your property? Or, planning to close a deal on your house? If yes, then renovating your house can be an option. At first, you need to decide if you want a partial renovation or a complete home makeover. If you are tight on a budget, you can opt for renovating the kitchen or any other room on your priority list.

For home renovations, there are a lot of things to be considered:

  • Make your renovation plans based on your space and what will suit that space best.
  • Making your renovation plans come to reality.
  • Calculate the cost involved.
  • Most importantly, find an expert renovation consultant.

We have tried to give a detailed opinion on some renovation ideas that can add value to your space. You can choose from them based on your budget and preferences.

Finest Home Renovation Suggestions

1. Getting a New Corner Sofa

Sometimes replacing furniture can give a completely new look and feel to your space. A corner sofa is an absolute option for this. Corner sofas are the most relaxing thing to have when you return home from a stressful office day. Just drop on the sofa and enjoy a sip of wine and relax watching TV.

Using a wooden corner sofa at home or in the garden has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The main advantage is that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. Use it as a bed to relax or seat some extra guests visiting you on the weekends. You can visit for ideas on how to use corner sofas in gardens or living rooms. 

2. Lowering the Living Room

Recently many people are getting their living rooms to sink a bit more than the other rooms. It gives a more personal feeling to space, and it also seems to look bigger. If you are looking to renovate an entire room, give it a try and give your room a unique and modern touch.

3. Using the Space Under the Stairs

If your renovated space has a staircase, try to occupy the unused space below the stairs. Add some shelves to exhibit music collections or books, or even a wine rack holding some fancy wines. Some people transform it into a cozy corner where you can have some relaxing time or read books.

4. Increase the Storage Space with Baseboard Drawers

We often neglect the empty spaces underneath the cabinets and beds. It makes us let the potential storage spaces be unused and wasted. You can have baseboard drawers in these spaces to store the extra stuff and make your place look tidier.

5. Plan for the Exteriors too

The exteriors are just as important as the interiors. Include some attractive pieces on the house exterior, which give a welcoming experience to your guests. Some renovating ideas for your home exteriors can be:

  • Adding colorful and vibrant pieces at your home entrance
  • Install planters to the window area
  • Give a makeover to your mailbox
  • Make a garden, if you still don’t have it

6. Upgrading Your Kitchen

Modern-day kitchens must have extra counter space, additional seating capacity, and more storage space. You can also upgrade your kitchen by adding a minibar with suitable shelves, a display for drinking glasses, and a storage area to store your alcohol.

Make sure that you have extra electrical sockets while renovating your kitchen to make it fully functional. As a budget-friendly option, you can stain or paint the existing cabinets and give them a renewed look.

7. Choose the Color Combinations Wisely

Different colors generate different vibes, so choose the colors wisely that match your mood. You can give contrasting colors for more dramatic looks to your home. While, all-white ambiance, although quite minimalistic but gives an organized, clean, and elegant feel. Bright and vibrant colors create a more joyful and lively environment. So, be very particular when you choose the colors. You can also have different combinations for different spaces.

8. Add Open Shelves

One of my favorites to have in homes is the open shelves storage. They give an additional visual appeal to your renovated space. A couple of open shelves are good to showcase the collectibles, images, antiques, and more. They can either be left open completely or can have glass panels to cover them.

Getting Ready for the Home Makeover

Renovating requires lots of planning and budgeting. Talk to a professional renovation contractor to get an overview of his plans and pricing. Add your choices and ideas with him to come up with an appealing home makeover.

Sometimes, maintaining and repairing older stuff can also give a new and fresh look to your space. There are no costing limits when renovating, so try to keep things low and under your budget. 

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Things You Can Do to Give Your Ordinary Looking House Interior a Luxurious Appea

You do not need a large or lavish house to enjoy a luxurious interior. Even with a small or regular-sized house, you can emulate a similar look. To do that, you will have to make some modifications.

For this article, we will be looking at a few things you need to ensure to have that luxurious appeal from any regular-sized house. We will avoid topics like furniture and decor, and only talk about the main features of the house itself, like the walls and flooring.

Redo the Interior Walls

The walls inside the house should make you feel cozy. Luxury interiors need to have a smooth texture and an elegant look when it comes to the walls. And a polished plaster finish on the wall is the best way to achieve all those things.

Polished plaster finishes are not just there for the elegant and timeless appeal, but they provide numerous other benefits as well. Thanks to these finishes, the wall surface has a nice feel to it. The color feels much more natural and smoother. The finish also helps make the walls durable and much easier to clean.

Declutter and Organize

You cannot make any sort of improvements to a messy house. And even if you do, the mess piled up will take away the beauty of things. So before you can get working on anything, you will first have to organize everything inside the house.

One of the first aspects of clearing out your mess is decluttering. Get rid of everything that is either useless or does not suit the look that you are aiming for. This can include unused furniture and utensils, as well as decoration items that do not contribute to the luxurious vibe you are going for.

When it comes to decluttering, you will find it difficult to let go of a lot of stuff. In most cases, you will have a sentimental attachment to those things. As a result of such attachment, you will feel bad throwing them out. In such cases, you can try Marie Kondo’s approach for decluttering. It is a simple method and only requires minimum effort from your end.

Once the decluttering is done, you can then start organizing your things as you see necessary. While doing so, try to avoid stuffing too much decor or furniture into a small area. Keep the space inside the house as open as possible.

Utilize Your Space Smartly

A regular family house in the US has something around 1,500 square feet of floor space. Not too big, but not too small either. The size of the rooms will depend on the layout of the house. However, most people deem this size to be unworthy of a luxurious appeal. In their opinion, a luxury house needs to be at least twice that size or even bigger. That thought is completely invalid.

You can opt for a luxurious appeal even with a house of that size. You just need to know how to utilize your space smartly. For that, you will have to draw up a few simple plans.

One way to ensure maximum utilization of your space is by building shelves and cabinets. Attach them with the walls so that it feels as if they were part of the interior structure. Then, you will have to be smart with the way you arrange your furniture. Occupy the sides and corners with them, and keep as much open space as you can in the middle of everything. The open space is very important so that the interior does not feel cluttered.

Do Not Forget the Floor

You have worked on the walls, and have managed to ensure open spaces all around the house. So it is only logical that you do some work on the flooring as well.

When it comes to flooring, you should choose from one of three options. Covering the floor with plain floor tiles is a cheap yet stylish option. As long as they complement your walls, you are good to go. Then you have mosaic tiles, where you can opt for any sort of pattern or design that you may like.

Lastly, you can go for a wooden floor. A wooden finish, although a bit expensive to maintain, is still one of the best options you can avail. That is because such floors look good with all types of walls. Besides, you get to have a luxurious as well as a classy and elegant appeal with such type of flooring.

These are all the areas you have to touch upon if you want a luxurious appeal from your house. Hopefully, you will be able to achieve the look you are aiming for as long as you manage to execute these changes with perfection.

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A Business Executive’s Guide on How to Set Up Your Home Office

For most people, a home office can be as simple as putting a small desk in the corner of a room and getting all the work done over there. Top-level business executives, however, need a bit of finesse when it comes to their home offices.

These home setups will outlast the pandemic. Even when working-from-home will no longer be an everyday thing, these offices will remain. Executives will use these offices to not only get their work done at home but to also entertain important guests, clients as well as colleagues who visit them over there. Hence, they want their home offices to look somewhat classy and elegant.

Such home-office setups are not just for executives. Anyone can arrange for them as they feel like. Yet, there needs to be a few things that one must ensure to have that executive-office appeal. And if you too would like to go for that appeal in your home office, here is how you should do it.

Start with the Desk

The desk is the most important part of the office. Therefore, you will likely have to spend a great deal of time figuring out what type of desk you want in your home office.

An ordinary office can make do with any type of desk. Usually, it is a simple reading or computer table made of wood; nothing fancy whatsoever. People go for these desks because they consume less space, and are therefore ideal for a home office. However, executives usually have an entire room to themselves, at their homes, where they set up their offices. Hence, they do not usually bother with smaller space-saving desks. Instead, they want something more classy.

Executive office desks are big and take up a good amount of space. However, they are perfect for your home office if you can afford the space. Get something in coffee or charcoal color, preferably oak or walnut. Opt for a plain executive desk and ditch the L-shaped ones if you do not have much space at your house. The desk should be at least large enough to accommodate your laptop or desktop, a telephone, some files and folders, and space where you can get some paperwork done.

Get Some New Blinds for Your Windows

Curtains do not work in an office environment. Hence, there is no way you can make them work in an executive office set up at your home. No matter what the other rooms use to cover their windows, you should ditch the curtains completely and opt for window blinds.

Specifically, you should consider putting up wooden blinds for your home office. They are light but durable. As far as window coverings go, wooden blinds are quality products. They keep things simple yet elegant and make sure that your home office feels special. No matter how big or small the windows are, you are guaranteed to find blinds that fit them perfectly, both in terms of size as well as design. For achieving that executive-office look, these blinds are a perfect choice.

Ensure Seating Arrangement for Your Guests

As mentioned earlier, executives have guests, clients, and colleagues coming over at their home offices all the time. For them, there needs to be some sort of seating arrangement.

Normally, you could just throw in a few chairs and they would not mind. However, you do not want that. Anything that looks ordinary inside your office will make the entire environment feel bleak. So what you need to do is ensure some quality furniture for your guests.

Leather furniture is good enough for any office environment. They are classy and elegant and will add to that executive-like appeal to your office. In case you feel they are a bit too big, opt for oak sofa sets.

Cabinets for Your Files and Documents

The number of cabinets inside your office will depend on the size of the room. Usually, cabinets serve the functional aspect of the workplace, and you do not need to get too creative with them. Yet, to make sure you leave no stone unturned to get that executive appeal, you should opt for shelves or cabinets made of the same material as your office desk. In such cases, mahogany or oak is preferable.

The cabinets will not only hold important files and documents, but they will also house some light decor. So keep that in mind when you are buying them.

These are all the things you need to ensure for having an executive office set up in your home. As you can tell, you will need to spend a bit of money. However, as long as you do it right, and achieve that executive-office vibe, you will not feel bad about spending some cash.

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Your Dream House Can Tackle Alarming Carbon Levels Of Future – Is It Just A Wild Thought?

The surface temperature of the earth has been increasing by 0.18°C / 0.32°F every decade since 1981. As per NASA, 7 out of 10 warmest years on record took place after 2014, since modern record-keeping started in 1880.

The only change that we need to be mindful of is the impact of Climate change and Global warming.

One of the biggest contributors to increasing greenhouse gases is the real estate sector. With rising concerns about the climate and high energy costs, the new age builders identify energy as the core focal point.

New home seekers are looking for architects who specialize in creating spaces that mitigate these issues.

Eco Houses

Eco houses come into the picture when you think of ensuring a lifestyle that maintains and preserves energy. Renewable energy sources are fast depleting, hence a significant change in our livelihood is essential to sustain.

You may be already using electric cars for commuting – reducing the carbon footprint to a fraction vis-a-vis petrol or a diesel car. With technological advances, your dream of building a zero carbon footprint home is now possible.

Eco houses increase energy efficiency without compromising on the security, aesthetics, and comfort of their inhabitants.

Your house, built using material that reduces its carbon footprint, will have a low impact on the environment. You may find various ways to measure the sustainability needs of the house.

You can include several energy-saving as well as operationally efficient features and systems to your eco house, like:

  • Solar panels for electricity generation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Opting for electricity from a ‘green’ supplier
  • Avoiding plastics and using natural materials for construction
  • Composting toilets
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Best use of daylight
  • Higher levels of thermal insulation
  • Heating through solar or heat pump, biomass (renewable resources)
  • Growing plants on the roof
  • Aquaponic systems and a patch of soil for food
  • Grey-water collection
  • Double glazed windows

The above is not an exhaustive list, and you can find a host of others on the Internet.

Every house needs an adequate security system for the safety of its inhabitants. Smart eco houses using expensive high-end appliances have a greater need for it.

Technological advancements have led to access control systems that service through a code fed on the mobile phone. Yet, using the mechanical (with lock and key) and electronic locking system combinations increases residential security. Local professional locksmiths can come to the rescue at times of a security or service issue.

Passive Houses

A passive house will help you maintain comfortable temperatures with minimum energy usage. The idea behind passive houses is to use passive energy sources such as sunlight, human beings, and appliances. The result is a drastic reduction of the heating system needs.

To achieve such a feat, control of the space heating energy is crucial. The calculation of space heating energy involves considering the maximum heat fresh air supply can generate at minimum ventilation.

So, passive houses reduce the footprint with the help of low-energy structures using the least energy for heating. Once optimization is over, you can have excellent air quality and thermal comfort inside the house at the cost of the minimum energy burn.

Passivhaus Institut, a pioneering project by Professor Wolfgang Feist, has been working in this domain for the last 30 years. Passivhaus design concepts feature ventilation and natural light without compromising on genomics or style.

Creating self-sufficient and sustainable houses by cutting down the energy needs, Passivhaus is charting the path for zero carbon emission homes.

Zero Carbon Houses

Zero carbon houses theoretically are your most efficient structures producing zero or negative carbon emissions by maximizing energy efficiency and using renewable energy.

You can use innovative heating and cooling systems that are energy efficient and help reduce emissions, like solar panels. An efficient mechanical ventilation system completes the loop to create the desired results.

The airflow in and around your proposed house structure will determine the need for additional heating solutions. By design, the zero-carbon houses consume less energy and thereby release less carbon dioxide.

A study of the topography and historic climatic conditions is a must before planning such a setup.

So, time for you to take the next step and build that dream house of yours. A house you build to make efficient use of energy and sustainable renewable resources. Your lifestyle choices, having minimum impact on fossil fuels or other non-renewable sources of energy.

Once built, time spent inside the doors would be more rewarding and satisfying, knowing the fact that every moment you spend in that house you are not leaving a carbon footprint behind.