New Home Decoration – What Can Help to Have a Better Plan in Place?


Shifting to a new house is an extraordinary affair that can be overwhelming and uncertain at the same time. It is more so because it involves decorating the house. So what should you do to make your space look best while being a reflection of your style?

If you hit the appropriate mix, you will have a happy and comfortable home. If it goes haywire, you will have a mix of fabrics, furniture, and colors that will always be incoherent and never have a pleasing look.

By planning and pursuing a set of professional steps, you can have a higher chance of succeeding.

Plan Your Visit to the Furniture Store

When we do not have a proper plan in place, it often leads to poor choice selection. As they say, you should never buy your grocery when hungry as it leads to poor choices. Similarly, plan your furniture shopping. A panic driven shopping is always harmful.

Say you have recently shifted from Kentucky to Franklin, Tennessee. If you have got a house and need furniture to fill it, you can check for furniture stores in Franklin, TN to start. You should make a checklist of the furniture you will need, and then you can plan your visit accordingly.

Visiting an online store like is an easy way to select your furniture but visiting a furniture store and picking up a piece of sofa or table because you like the look of it is not a great way to shop furniture. Your consideration set should include:

  • How will it fit in the room with the rest of the things?
  • What are the measurements of it?

Otherwise, you may have to build your room around the sofa, and the room will look not so pleasing. It is advisable to have a notepad and a measuring tape in hand and start from the room you plan to furnish. 

Knowing Measurements

A vital aspect of every interior plan is the measurements. Having a design plan that matches both the scale of furniture and room is crucial. Putting svelte chairs in a wide-open loft or a deep sectional sofa in a small room are equally bad choices. 

Measuring the length and breadth of each room should be the first step before initiating design. It should have the height of the ceiling, along with details of other elements or obstructions like the columns, stairs, or radiators. 

You should have the measurements for the window openings with the space below them and towards the sides. It should give you an idea about the window coverings later.

Experts suggest that most people make the common mistake of getting the wrong size of furniture. Improper fitment of the sofa in the room, sofa getting clogged at the doorway, big desks, or smaller tables are common across houses. If you carefully measure your place, you can easily avoid these problems. 

Having a Floorplan

After you have the room measurements, the next job is to put it all together to get a bird’s eye view through a floor plan. Knowing the space is crucial, and so every job should start with having a floor plan.

You can have the old school or traditional way of doing it using a pencil, ruler, and paper. However, professional designers prefer using software like AutoCAD. There is a third choice that can be beneficial to you, and that is using mobile applications. 

Modern mobile apps use the smartphone’s camera to automate measurements. The job of floor plan creation becomes easy for all the homeowners using the same. They even provide a 3D look so you can visualise how the space will look. 

After you have the outline in place, you can start your experimentation with the furniture placement. Ensuring this step is critical by matching the footprint of each piece of furniture with the drawing.

Take a Call on How You Want It to Be

When designing a place, there are no correct answers for the decisions that you need to undertake. Your rooms can be visually cool or warm, modern or traditional, and relaxed or formal. 

Your job is to make sure to use the space to the best of your ability. How would you like to live in the given space – is what you should ask yourself. The number of people who will live there and what they like to do are key determinants. 

Plan the Job

Painting ceilings, refinishing hardwood floors, and finishing drywall are jobs that get messy. It is better to complete these before your furniture moves in. If you can not avoid them, sealing the large furniture with plastic drop cloths can help save the day. 

The above can help you to have a better shot at organizing your house. Your home decoration will get a lift with the help of these.

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