How to Channel the Cottagecore Aesthetic In Your Home Decor


A quiet, cozy trend that’s taken over social media is cottagecore. This fashion trend includes both home decor and personal fashion. This trend seems to have sprung as a counterpoint to the clean, nearly cold minimalist trend that was all the rage and is still popular today. While the minimalist movement and aesthetic emphasized neutral colors and empty spaces, a quick glance at social media will tell you that cottage core is the exact opposite.

What does it look like?

Here, you channel cozy vibes like a quintessential cottage. There is a strong connection with nature, with flower and leaf prints being the most popular. Your decor should be busy, with a mix and match of eclectic prints. The aesthetics of the cottagecore movement can vary with the specific aesthetic you want to achieve with your home decor. The home decor looks organized but still has a lived-in feel. It channels vintage fashion aesthetics as well. Here’s how to channel cottagecore through different parts of your house!


If you’re looking for cottagecore furniture, an effortless way would be to look for tufted wooden furniture. Stay away from minimalist styles with solid colors. Instead, your upholstery should be bright and cheerful. Think back to the aesthetic you found in your grandma’s house, the vintage prints and elaborate pattern style on her curtains or sofas.

In case you’re looking for a complete cottagecore overhaul, remember to bring your cottagecore aesthetics outside to your garden and patio. You can turn to cane industries for cottagecore furniture that you can use on your patio, balcony, or garden. Cane furniture is incredibly sturdy and can withstand the elements easily. They will also last your entire life, so you can invest in cane furniture for your main home as well.


An underrated way to channel the cottagecore aesthetic movement in your home is to change your kitchen and get utensils that are a stark contrast to the clean lines and stainless steel vibe we have come to expect. You can search for pictures of vintage kitchenware to get an idea of what was in fashion a few decades ago. Then, choose a style that is most similar to that for your new decor.

You can find great vintage bargains at a thrift store. Also, check Goodwill and other similar secondhand shops to get excellent deals on a wide variety of kitchenware. The sustainability movement has made thrift stores pretty popular, and many of them have shifted online too. While you’re at it, make sure to check for some cottagecore clothing that you can show off on Instagram!

Vintage Prints and Live Plants

As we mentioned before, cottagecore aesthetics have an intrinsic connection to plants and greenery. You can bring this into your home in two ways. Firstly, you can get vintage prints of flowers, floral patterns, and other natural science diagrams framed. This gives a retro vibe to your home, and the flowers and plants add a peaceful, warm feeling to your home.

The second way is to use a lot of actual plants and flowers inside your home. You can keep vases to keep the flowers in or keep indoor plants in pots around your house. Choose vintage-style vases and containers to keep the cottagecore aesthetic consistent throughout your home. This tiny spark of life will add a wonderful dimension to your home decor.

Warm Lights

Since the cottagecore movement is all about warm and cozy places, it makes sense to upgrade your lighting too. The easiest way to add cottagecore lighting is to use standard fairy lights all around your home. This looks great on social media like Instagram and adds to a fun aspect of your home’s fashion elements.

Fairy lights are also evocative of a particular lifestyle that cottagecore blends with, so they are an excellent investment. You can also change out the bulbs to warm white or warm yellow lights. Ensure there is a balance between traditional white lights and warm yellow lights in your home to ensure visibility isn’t impacted.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Finally, we come to the miscellaneous accessories you can buy for your home to give a more cottage-like feel. Cottagecore accessories are innumerable, from hand towels to showpieces and more. Instead of listing it down, you should look for plastic pieces around your home you can replace with natural, sustainable materials like wood or cotton.

Look for traditional floral prints or embroidery styles on the fabrics you buy. You want to give everything a rural feel over a fast-paced city feel. You can shop around for as many things as you would like to turn cottagecore. So what are you waiting for? Head to the vintage shop and start living your best cottagecore life today!

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