Carpet cleaning myths you should be aware of


Your carpet is an expensive item of your house hence it is likely that you would love to take care of it. And, if it is not cleaned properly and periodically, then it may not just lose its shine, charm and life but also get hazardous for you. Dirty carpets have been known to lead to respiratory illnesses. And, with pet, kids and seniors living in the house, you need to be more careful with carpet cleaning. Here are some of the related to Edmonton carpet cleaning on This site provides you best vacuum for cleaning that will definitely make your cleaning process faster and easier.

  1. Vacuuming isn’t similar to deep cleaning

It is one of the most common carpet cleaning myths across the world. A lot of people think that they vacuum their carpets once a week and they are good. But, they fail to understand this that their carpets attract harmful toxin such as mold, dust, debris, allergens and over time vacuum fails to clean them. Your carpets should be cleaned at least once every year but for better health status, you should get it done twice. After dust, mites, moulds and allergens stick to the fibers of your carpet; it is less likely that you will be able to remove them just with a vacuum.

  1. Stain proof carpets done need steam cleaning

The aim of stain-proof carpet is to make your carpets free from minor spills and stains. However, that doesn’t stop them from attracting harmful allergens, debris, dirt and dust particles. Hence the only way to get them thoroughly cleaned is by going for a professional steam cleaning.

  1. Getting your carpets cleaned by the hands of professionals is just a waste of money

It is a very common misconception that professional carpet cleaning is a waste of money. Your carpets will not have a long life if they are not cleaned regularly, especially when you have a pet or a big family. If you try to clean the carpets on your own to save money, understand that the DIY steps aren’t as powerful and professionals as the methods and approach of professional cleaners! So, you would only end up soiling your rig. Professional cleaners know the technique and procedure to clean the problem areas and give accurate results which saves your money in the long run.

  1. Steam cleaning isn’t recommended for carpets

This is just not true! People say that if you go for steam cleaning, it takes away the shine of your new rugs. Well, the reality is that the longer you keep the carpet without cleaning it, the harder it becomes to clean all the mites, debris and allergens. Another problem which people aren’t aware of is that there may outer pollutants too on your carpets such as pollens, fungus etc. At Canada Clean Home, we offer top quality professional carpet cleaning services with environmental friendly products. We charge appropriately and have no hidden costs. To know more, book an appointment through mail or call now and we will visit you.

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