How To Buy Home Furniture That Goes Well With Your Décor


If you are looking to buy home furniture in Dubai and have no idea what to do first, then you’re in luck. We have put together a comprehensive list for our readers, that includes everything from buying tips to finding quality furniture, to getting the best value for your money.

Measure Your Space Carefully

Nothing kills the joy of enjoying your new furniture than buying items that don’t fit or feel over crowded. Consult the layout of the room you plan on furnishing, note down the dimensions, and recheck with your existing furniture. It’s also important to measure the doors and hallways as the furniture has to pass through them. Visualize your space on a paper, creating a sketch that help you in furniture placement.

Get Fabric Samples

Once you have finalized sofas and chairs for your home, the next step is to get a personalized look. This is where upholstery comes in. Before you decide on a fabric, always ask for swatches or samples, carefully feeling the texture and quality. Swatches also help in getting the perfect shade that goes well with the rest of your interior. Compare the fabric’s color with your walls, curtains, and existing furniture.

Double Check Furniture Quality

Unless you’re by choice going for low quality furniture to save money, always investigate the materials that are being used. Most of the time furniture on display uses high quality wood or other industrial materials, but the actual product is not of superior quality. Before you finalize your furniture and allow it to be delivered, make sure to check screws and joints, pull out drawers and move cabinet doors to see if the movement is fluid, and look for any fabric tears or bad stitching. Make sure the wood is the same as the one you ordered.

Check the Credentials of the Furniture Shop

Whether you’re buying furniture from a physical store or looking for online options, all check for reviews. There are many places to buy sofa online in Dubai along with other furniture items like coffee tables, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Take a good look at the company’s website, how well it is designed, and does it give detailed information about the product. Carry out thorough research, search for customer reviews – not just that are or the company’s website but also given by users in other places.

Design & Functionality that Suits Your Lifestyle

Finally, always buy furniture that will fit easily into your lifestyle. Don’t invest in an uncomfortable, non-practical chair that looks stylish but won’t be of any good use to you. It’s important that your home and its décor adapts to you and not the other way around.

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