Do you know which garage door type is safest against theft?


If you ask us what could be the highlight of the 21st century, we would say Security. There is no doubt about it. We hear news of not just physical theft, but digital theft too. The rise of the internet and its access to our personal lives has taken this security concern to a new level. And it is necessary too. We all love to be safe. Be it money or identity, it is hard earned. When it comes to our homes, security again becomes a concern. Thus we look for the most secured parts possible. When it comes to garage doors, we want it to be hard and strong and secure. But looking at the different types available in the market, the freedom to choose becomes stress. So before you go buy Garage Doors Melbourne, get through what makes some types of doors more secured than others.

Qualities of safe garage doors.

Things in the world hold certain features through which we identify their nature. For e.g., a good mobile is one that has strong material, is shock resistant, and is light in weight. Just as this, there are feature of Garage doors that speak of its strength. Here are few:

  • They are made of stronger material.
  • They have no vulnerable areas that burglars could exploit.
  • They have an Auto-Reverse mechanism for scenarios when things go wrong. For e.g., if a child comes under it.
  • They have a manual override system for days when there is some power-cut or remote gets lost.
  • There are no leverage spots for burglars to pull in and break these doors.

Apart from this, it is up to the person to get extra features added at extra cost. It is a matter of preference. Technology has gone levels up. One can add multiple lock systems, cylinder lock system, or locking rods instead of cables. Locking rods offers strength and makes it harder for intruders to break.

Which door is safest?

When it comes to safety, the roller garage doors (Melbourne) are considered to be the safest. Because it closes down completely providing no space to stick in some crowbar and life, people prefer it. These doors also provide heavy metal sheets that get hard to break unlike bars or doors with hinges.

Thieves are also becoming sophisticated and are using technology to over-run those security mechanisms. This makes it crucial to use a high security automation system that makes it harder for thieves to break in.

A plus point with roller doors should be the anti-lift system that prevents doors from getting lifted manually by force. In traditional days thieves used to push in some bar and life the door enough to run and and run out. But now the technology has improved and its sensors stop doors from getting brute-lifted.

While roller garage doors are secure, sectional garage doors stand no less. They too leave no vulnerable space to the burglars. They even provide the modern touch with technology and outlook.

Adding extra features like alarm system, and CCTVs provide that extra edge to deter burglars at the very first place. CCTVs and alarms have proved to be crucial in preventing the possible theft.

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