What Are the Reasons Why Garage Doors Break?


“I was planning to get a new automated garage door installed but my neighbour’s garage door just broke. Now I am a bit wary. Why would garage doors break?”

A garage door can break for many reasons. Before we get into all of those reasons, if you are looking for garage doors in Petersfield, it is our advice to find a business that not only installs but services and repairs as well. That way, when you get your new garage door installed, you will already have built a relationship with the company that will service or repair your Overhead Door – Puget Sound later.

These are the three most common reasons why garage doors need repair:

  • bent railings (or tracks)
  • misaligned sensors, and
  • a broken garage door spring.

Garage Door Sensors

The sensors are a safety device. If someone walks under the door while it is closing, the sensor is tripped and automatically opened. However, these sensors are notorious for being bumped or blocked. Suddenly, your garage door will not close.

These are easy to fix if you know how to align them. However, we get lots of calls because these may take more patience than some are willing to put forth.

Bent Railings

Your garage door will run on little railings or tracks just as any garage door does. However, if you bump one with your car, you can cause these to misalign. This repair is difficult to do on your own so you will need to call for a fix.

Garage Door Spring

The garage door spring is tightly wound. When it breaks, there is no fixing it, only replacing. What is the number-one reason why springs break? A quick change of direction of the door most often is the cause of this spring breaking.

Best advice: if you accidentally open or close your door when you don’t want to, be patient and let it come to a complete stop before pushing your remote button again. A sudden stop and change of direction may be okay but eventually, it will cost you. And that is probably the most expensive repair that you can have.

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