Monsoon Sheer Curtains to bring in the breeze


The Grumble of thunder, the streaks of magic light, and the sparkling dewdrops like pearls laid on the greens. Making life a little more therapeutic outdoors, it’s time to bring the comforting nature inside.

With all the beauty-filled outside & the cool breeze touching our hearts in our comfortable spaces. And monsoon being the time for revival and restoration, Freedom Tree lets you bring a palette of nature with its airy sheer curtains, rendering a newfangled touch to your indoors. The palette revolves around the watery blues, wet nature greens & some poppy brighter hues that let you escape the ordinary. Inspired by the Indian monsoon the prints depict splashes of color, floating petals, a flurry of clouds, the palm leaves, the waves of the Arabian sea.

Freedom Tree tells you to ditch your fused/blackout curtains this monsoon season and add these elegant sheer drapes into your living rooms to invigorate the vibe and also to bring the golden light of the rising sun.

Light a Scented Candle, take a book, cook some churros & hot chocolate and snuggle in a throw around your door or window while the breeze passes through these window curtains and touches your face, embracing hygge in your surroundings.

The brighter curtain designs from Mahua print sheers and summer squares yellow curtains add a touch of warmth and boldness.

Freedom Tree brings you a collection of drapes in various hand-screen-printed designs in 3 standard curtain sizes. It offers you to design and customize according to your window/doors to fit flawlessly. Adding a sense of customization for each loved one.

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