5 Things to know when Building Small Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits


The city life is destroying us. It has become almost impossible to live and function properly within cities because there’s so much traffic, pollution, and so many people are trying to make their habitat a perfect place while ignoring everyone else’s needs.

A solution to this problem is going into the mountains. However, it’s 2021, and we can’t live like Neanderthals in caves, but we need a modern home that will have all the necessities, without the burden of having so many people around us to destroy the enjoyment from living in a beautiful home.

If you’re up for this solution, then you should get yourself a fine cabin log in the mountains, and start enjoying yourself. However, before doing it, you should know a couple of things about how to do it. There are lots of small log cabin kits that you can choose from, but you must know a couple of things before starting to work on it. Check out what these things are!

1. Choose the style before starting anything

There are tons of big and small log cabin kits out there, and they are all amazing in one way or another. However, not all of them can be assembled equally easily, and not all of them will look the same. The quality is different, and the appearance can never be the same.

This is why you need to do your share of research before starting to build anything. Look for your options and think about your style. With so many options, you must explore before deciding to get one. Exploring will provide so many styles and options, that it will be hard to decide, though.

However, it’s crucial to locate the one you love because once you get it and start working on it, there will be no going back. Find the exact style that suits your wishes perfectly, and only then continue investigating and researching for the ultimate choice.

2. Make sure you have energy and a water source

Another great issue is where the log cabin is going to be placed. You need to buy land, which is the easier part, but you must find one that will have access to electricity and water. You can’t just buy any land out there because not all places have the permit to build a structure on it.

Look through the documents of the state you’re in and ask the county governmental clerks about where you can and can’t build. Once you have your options, you can choose the best location. Still, don’t accept land where you can get electricity and a water supply, because no one can live properly without these two things. See the importance of these here.

3. Be prepared to maintain them just as much as your regular home

A lot of people think that building is the hard part. There’s no doubt that it is complicated, but there are lots of obligations after everything’s finished too. Understand that you’ll have to take care of the entire place just like it is your home.

The bad thing is that you can’t hire a company to clean the place up, because no one will go up in the mountains to do it regularly. You will be the one that will, and if you maintain your home by yourself, then you know how difficult it may be.

Be prepared for this. You can’t leave wood unprotected, insects eating your porch, and stuff like that. You must constantly take care of the place, or it will get ruined in a matter of years. If you’re not ready for something like this, don’t even start.

4. They are easy to be assembled by yourself, but only if you’re skilled

Mountain log cabin kits are easy to be assembled but if you’re not skilled with tools and you have never seen one assembled, then be sure that it’s not going to be a piece of cake for you. Some people buy these kits and only then find out that they are the ones that need to do all the work.

Understand that although there’s everything packed inside these kits, you don’t get free installation by professional construction workers. If you want this done, you’ll need to find and hire these guys.

If you feel like you’re capable of doing it yourself, then feel free to get the best kit for yourself, and get on with the action. The logs are simple to be put together, so if you have the proper equipment and a little help from friends and family, be sure that you’ll build the house of your dreams with your bare hands.

5. It is the perfect getaway from the city

When everything’s done, you’ll be amazed by the beauty you’ve erected. Everyone talks about the view and the clean fresh air of these log cabins, and they are right. Everything that is not available in the crowded cities – is available here. See more about this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ5r0GUgLOc.

If you’re tired of constantly arguing with people who don’t care about anything, and you want to relax from the world, be sure that having something like this is the answer. Find the best cabin for your taste, put in some effort building it, and then enjoy the wonderful sunsets and sunrises from a place outside of the city chaos.


Only those who had the chance to live in a cabin log outside city jams know the beauty of it. If you feel like you like the trend of having cabin logs in the mountains, you should go ahead and look for one in the market. There are so many options that the hardest part is choosing which one you prefer most.

These five points from above explain what you must know before start working on one. If you like what you see, then be sure that you’re making the right choice. Find a great cabin, and create your perfect getaway place.

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