Reasons Why Your Windows Are Getting Wet Every Morning


Wet window surfaces in the mornings are quite a common thing but do you know why this happens? There are many scientific reasons because of which this scenario occurs.Those house owners realise the same always use glazed windows instead of ordinary ones. Expert Essex glaziers will enable you to receive the best glazed windows at your home.

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Probable reasons

Condensation is one of the foremost reasons for which windows get wet in mornings. Due to this process surrounding gases due to temperature fluctuation are being converted into liquids that finally get deposited over window surfaces. When the sunshine falls over your windows those droplets become clearly visible. But slowly the droplets evaporated under the scorching daylight. During summers, the temperature is usually higher during the daytime and it lowers down a bit during night-time. In this way, it is the temperature difference that helps in creating water droplets on windows in the mornings. This thing majorly happens with those windows that are not thermally efficient at all. Sometimes, this wetness might even damage the wooden part of your windows. Therefore, you should always maintain energy-efficient windows in order to tackle the concerned issue in a great way. On the other hand, improper ventilation can be another major reason for this issue. If the room is not properly ventilated then the excess water or moisture will automatically get deposited on your windows. Proper cleaning of windows from time to time can certainly control this kind of situation. Keeping the windows glazed is also very much helpful out here. In this case, you can call the most experienced Essex glaziers who can cater the best window glazing services to you. During winters also you might have noticed this situation happening especially in case you have put your room-heater turned on for the whole night for keeping the room warm and comfortable. In this case, the moisture occurs as a result of the existence of both the temperatures at the same time. During night-time unless it is too hot and you are not using any ac people usually keep their windows close whether it is winter or summer. This really makes a difference especially the internal warmth gets in touch with the cool air blowing outside. This is why smartest house owners tend to use double-glazed windows for keeping the situation under full control. You must have seen that your kitchen windows develop moisture droplets more than that of other windows in your house. The reason is the same, temperature fluctuation. Cooking generates heat and when the heated air comes in contact with the cool one then droplets form automatically.You can now call your nearest glaziers for fixing up the concerned matter.

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