Overlooked Elements Of Home Design


When you’re decorating your home, you’ll naturally tend to focus on certain elements. However, while it’s hard to argue that the colour you paint your room or the type of flooring you select won’t have a huge impact on how the place feels, there are other aspects which you also need to consider once you’ve got the basics rights.

Often, you’ll move in somewhere new and then completely redecorate. You’ll turn the place around such that it doesn’t look anything like when you moved in. You stand back, look at your work and feel satisfied. However, after a short amount of time – maybe a week, or maybe a couple of months – the effect seems to wear off and you start noticing other little things that are wrong. Or worse, your room doesn’t feel as impressive as you’d hoped, but you can’t quite put your finger on why.

Chances are it’s less significant elements which are taking the edge off the décor. We can see lots of small flaws and get a cumulative sense of them without being struck by any one particular thing.

For example, what are your doors like? The door seems so solid and permanent that we often don’t give it much thought. If it’s in good condition, what else can you do? Well it may be that the door you inherited with the home simply isn’t that nice a door. Maybe it’s the wrong style for how you’ve redecorated.

Similarly, take a look at your radiators. They are such everyday, functional objects that we don’t tend to think that we can do anything with them to make our room look any better, but that’s far from the truth. Not only can a shabby old radiator be replaced, but there are designer options available. You can get tall, narrow radiators and glass-fronted radiators which actually add to the feel of a room, rather than detracting from it. Something like this can be the difference between a very nice room and the kind of luxury environment found in top of the range hotels. If you’re wondering what’s missing – it could be something like this.

It’s also important to pay attention to details. In what condition are the skirting boards? Are the edges of the floor neat and tidy? What about your light fittings? Could anything be done with them that might add to your décor, rather than detracting from it? These kinds of things are frequently overlooked elements of home design, but they matter too.

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