Let there be light, with a gorgeous Velux Skylight!


Proper ventilation is an important aspect of home design and irrespective of how beautiful your interiors are and how extravagant the furnishings if there is no proper illumination, it all goes to waste. Precisely why, one needs a good Skylight to brighten up the living room during the day. The right placement of a skylight is vital and at times one can employ a series of small and smart skylights to get the desired result.

There is a very specific reason as to why skylights in recent times have become so very popular. Of course, no one can deny the aesthetic appeal and the fascination that comes with watching the night sky delve into your living room, but the real reason is something else altogether. With clients becoming highly eco-conscious, the idea of a skylight seems almost a must for a green home. Let’s admit it, living rooms with skylights can certainly add a whole new dimension to your home and unlike popular perception; they are not just meant for the rich folks. From the classic to the contemporary, from the minimalist to the modern and from the vintage to the eclectic, every house can incorporate a skylight into its design.

Enter Velux Melbourne Skylights, Melbourne’s first choice when it comes to skylights. Not only do they provide aesthetic value, but these skylights have also been perfectly designed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of Australia.

Velux Skylights undergo the following tests:

  • Heat & UV
  • Water Tested
  • Bushfire Tested
  • Hail Tested
  • Cyclone Tested
  • Safety Tested
  • Load Tested

Whatever be your need, there’s a Velux Skylight for you. You can choose from a wide range of Manual/ Solar Powered Openable Skylights, Fixed or Openable Skylights, Flat Roof Skylights or even Sun Tunnels. Rest assured, not only do these skylights last for a lifetime without any faults whatsoever, they considerably save money in terms of energy bills. No wonder their popularity extends beyond Melbourne to every corner of Australia and abroad at times. Plus, equally popular are the Skylight Blinds. The wide range of Skylight Blinds includes those for Fixed/ Openable/ Roof/ Flat Roof Windows.

Advantage of Velux Skylight Blinds over others:

  • Solar Powered hence environment friendly
  • Self-contained and hence no external components required
  • Simply DIY, so no need of any electrician for installation
  • Battery pack allows usage of day or night
  • Includes Keypad for operation
  • Discreet silver blind rails and fascia

There are two types of Blinds available from Velux Skylights, Melbourne, namely Blockout Blinds and Honeycomb Blinds.

The Blockout Blinds as the name itself suggests blocks light completely, irrespective of day or night condition. They are best suited for bedrooms or anywhere else in the home that you need to completely block the light. Moreover, its reflective backing reduces heat gain & loss. In short, reduce light by 100% and heat by 40%.

The Honeycomb Blinds are more stylish in appearance providing optimum protection from heat and glare, while simultaneously providing a near blockout from the light. It comes with attractive honeycomb structured pleats. It reduces light by approximately 95% and the insulated air pockets reduce heat by approximately 60%.

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