Finding a Dependable Skip Hire


When rubbish and debris has started to pile up, it’s time to find a way to get rid of it. Home projects can seem like a great idea until you realise you need a way to clear everything out and can’t find something big enough to hold it all. The great news is that there are many skips available for hire in varying sizes. No matter if you’re looking for a small skip or a large skip, you’ll almost certainly be able to find one available.

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What Is a Skip?

A skip is a great way to haul rubbish. It’s smaller than a dumpster and easily portable. Most companies that offer skips for hire will also bring a truck to load and dump the skip for you.

Skip Hire Sizes

It’s important to know what size skip you need. You can easily find a company that provides options for both large and small skip hire in Croydon. To figure out how large of a skip you need, you first need to determine about how many black bags you’ll have to get rid of.

  • Mini skip: about two cubic yards and can hold up to 30 black bags of rubbish
  • Midi skip: about four cubic yards and holds up to 40 black bags of rubbish
  • 220 VAT skip: six cubic yards and holds up to 60 black bags
  • 10-cubic yard skip: There are two types of 10-cubic yard skips: lockable and 320 VAT. The 320 VAT can hold up to 80 black bags while the lockable skip can hold 160 black bags.

If you’re still not sure how small or large you need your skip to be, contact a local skip hire company and they can advise you further.

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