Home Renovation Ideas to Give Your Home a Complete Makeover


Do you want to enhance the value of your property? Or, planning to close a deal on your house? If yes, then renovating your house can be an option. At first, you need to decide if you want a partial renovation or a complete home makeover. If you are tight on a budget, you can opt for renovating the kitchen or any other room on your priority list.

For home renovations, there are a lot of things to be considered:

  • Make your renovation plans based on your space and what will suit that space best.
  • Making your renovation plans come to reality.
  • Calculate the cost involved.
  • Most importantly, find an expert renovation consultant.

We have tried to give a detailed opinion on some renovation ideas that can add value to your space. You can choose from them based on your budget and preferences.

Finest Home Renovation Suggestions

1. Getting a New Corner Sofa

Sometimes replacing furniture can give a completely new look and feel to your space. A corner sofa is an absolute option for this. Corner sofas are the most relaxing thing to have when you return home from a stressful office day. Just drop on the sofa and enjoy a sip of wine and relax watching TV.

Using a wooden corner sofa at home or in the garden has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The main advantage is that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. Use it as a bed to relax or seat some extra guests visiting you on the weekends. You can visit https://www.onlyoakfurniture.co.uk/product-category/garden-furniture/garden-sofa-sets/garden-corner-sofas/ for ideas on how to use corner sofas in gardens or living rooms. 

2. Lowering the Living Room

Recently many people are getting their living rooms to sink a bit more than the other rooms. It gives a more personal feeling to space, and it also seems to look bigger. If you are looking to renovate an entire room, give it a try and give your room a unique and modern touch.

3. Using the Space Under the Stairs

If your renovated space has a staircase, try to occupy the unused space below the stairs. Add some shelves to exhibit music collections or books, or even a wine rack holding some fancy wines. Some people transform it into a cozy corner where you can have some relaxing time or read books.

4. Increase the Storage Space with Baseboard Drawers

We often neglect the empty spaces underneath the cabinets and beds. It makes us let the potential storage spaces be unused and wasted. You can have baseboard drawers in these spaces to store the extra stuff and make your place look tidier.

5. Plan for the Exteriors too

The exteriors are just as important as the interiors. Include some attractive pieces on the house exterior, which give a welcoming experience to your guests. Some renovating ideas for your home exteriors can be:

  • Adding colorful and vibrant pieces at your home entrance
  • Install planters to the window area
  • Give a makeover to your mailbox
  • Make a garden, if you still don’t have it

6. Upgrading Your Kitchen

Modern-day kitchens must have extra counter space, additional seating capacity, and more storage space. You can also upgrade your kitchen by adding a minibar with suitable shelves, a display for drinking glasses, and a storage area to store your alcohol.

Make sure that you have extra electrical sockets while renovating your kitchen to make it fully functional. As a budget-friendly option, you can stain or paint the existing cabinets and give them a renewed look.

7. Choose the Color Combinations Wisely

Different colors generate different vibes, so choose the colors wisely that match your mood. You can give contrasting colors for more dramatic looks to your home. While, all-white ambiance, although quite minimalistic but gives an organized, clean, and elegant feel. Bright and vibrant colors create a more joyful and lively environment. So, be very particular when you choose the colors. You can also have different combinations for different spaces.

8. Add Open Shelves

One of my favorites to have in homes is the open shelves storage. They give an additional visual appeal to your renovated space. A couple of open shelves are good to showcase the collectibles, images, antiques, and more. They can either be left open completely or can have glass panels to cover them.

Getting Ready for the Home Makeover

Renovating requires lots of planning and budgeting. Talk to a professional renovation contractor to get an overview of his plans and pricing. Add your choices and ideas with him to come up with an appealing home makeover.

Sometimes, maintaining and repairing older stuff can also give a new and fresh look to your space. There are no costing limits when renovating, so try to keep things low and under your budget. 

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