Have You Considered Decorating Your Home With Personalized Canvas Prints


Your home is your castle. Everything in it should reflect and express your individual taste and style, including the art on your walls. Finding just the right print, painting, photograph or mixed-media collage in just the right colors can take months. When framing is added, this process can also be very expensive.

There’s a better way to go about choosing wall art. Have you ever thought of the precious memories locked away in a drawer or photo album? What if you could see them, every day, big as life on your wall, above the mantel, in the foyer or the living room?

Creating your canvas prints is easy

Custom canvas prints are a great solution to this decorating conundrum. You can take any photograph, painting or sketch, upload it, choose a size, print it and hang it proudly on the wall. Why buy other people’s artwork when you can do this?

The possibilities are limitless. That vacation in the Caribbean, a peaceful river landscape, a sailboat or lighthouse you once visited can all be reproduced with the added texture and substance that canvas brings. Vivid colors, pastels, black-and-white or sepia are all vibrantly reproduced and ready to frame. Colors come in all the shades of the rainbow, allowing you to choose the ones that blend seamlessly with your decor.

Give life to your kids’ artwork

Perhaps you have a young artist in the family. Rather than pinning their sketches of flowers, animals and family on a bulletin board or tacking them up with tape, print them on canvas and turn them into lasting works of art. Your budding Rembrandt or Monet will be able to point to a canvas print and be proud of being a real artist.

Why not take that wedding picture, engagement portrait, yearbook photo or family picture and give it a special treatment that shows how much the people in your life mean to you? A canvas print does the trick.

Another advantage of canvas printing is the way the finished print takes the light. There’s no more glare from framing glass, no more shine from glossy paper. Canvas prints have a glow that reveals details you never noticed before, and from any angle. They absorb light instead of reflecting it, giving the subject added depth and life.

Different sizes for different walls

Canvas prints can be made in several sizes, depending on how much wall space you wish to cover and the statement you wish to make. A single, large print in bold colors makes a strong statement in a living room, bedroom or den. A series of small prints can be very effective in a hallway, stairwell or playroom.

Even better, canvas prints are relatively inexpensive and won’t deplete your decorating budget. They’re a priceless reflection of your personal taste and style that won’t punch a hole in your wallet.

Best of all, canvas prints take memories and images you treasure and let you express yourself in a unique and tasteful way. Take a look through your precious memories and be surprised at how many of these you want to make!

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