What You Should Know Before Renting a Mobile Home


Have you ever consider living in a mobile home? If you have, then you should know it’s not that different from living in an apartment or house. There are a few similarities, yet it is important to know the basics of living in a mobile home. For starters, mobile home parks rent mobile homes to a person or family. Before choosing the right mobile park or mobile home learn the basics of living in a mobile home, make sure you know your rights, and what questions to ask before finding mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas.

The Basics of Living in a Mobile Home

Whether renting a house, apartment, or mobile home always know the basics by learning where to go, who to talk to, the expectations, and your rights when it comes to renting a place to live. When renting a mobile home there are a few basic things a person should know prior to renting a mobile home; one of which is that in order to rent a mobile home one-third of new mobile homes are owned and rented by mobile home parks.
Even though these mobile homes are new the rent is incredibly cheap. Renting a mobile home in a mobile park can cost anywhere between $500 and $1000, which does include the lot of lands the mobile home is located on in the mobile home park.
At this point renting a mobile home https://groliehome.com/save-a-fortune-by-renting-the-space-for-your-mobile-home/ can sound like a good idea, but before you do anything know your rights, and what to expect to see written in a lease. Nearly all states have laws pertaining to the renting of mobile homes.
Make sure to know these laws, so when it is time to read and sign a lease you know your rights as a tenant, make sure the clauses are legal, and that there is no ambiguity. Included in the lease should be the division of responsibilities in maintenance and upkeep of the mobile home; if not then there should be separate documentation outlaying the responsibilities of the tenant and landlord in maintenance.
One thing to know though is that upkeep is fairly simple and most maintenance issues of a mobile home can easily be resolved by the tenant themselves without the landlord’s assistance. It is important that there is no vagueness in the lease, and that it lists your rights as a tenant. If it does not, it is advisable to know your rights and discussing them before signing a lease to rent a mobile home.
For example, just like renting an apartment the tenant of a mobile home must be given prior notice if they are being evicted or the park is shutting down. The lease may not state it, but when renting a mobile home there are responsibilities that also fall on the tenant in informing the landlord if they are leaving before the lease ends or if they are not renewing the lease. In any of these situations, legally both the landlord and tenant are required to give at least a 30-day notice to allow the other to make the necessary preparations to move out, or in the landlord’s case to find a new tenant.

What You Should Know About Mobile Home Parks

In regards to renting a mobile home, there are a few things you should know about the mobile home park itself before choosing the mobile home you want to live in. Choosing between mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas isn’t a chore.
There are more than a few mobile home parks to pick from with the only difference between them being the rules each tenant must abide by. Separate from the lease each mobile home park has strict rules that must be followed as you will be living in close proximity to other families who must be taken into consideration.
Violation of the park rules can be cause for eviction. The same goes for not paying additional fees, and for some mobile home parks, there are additional fees that are not covered by rent. Fees such as utilities (gas, electricity, water) and trash collection. Before moving into a mobile home know the park’s rules, and if there are any additional fees you will have to pay.

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