Save A Fortune By Renting The Space For Your Mobile Home


Rather than going to the expense of purchasing their own land, many mobile homeowners are choosing to rent space inside of a mobile home park instead. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why, and what advantages mobile home parks have to offer.

No Huge Loans To Pay Back

That’s what you are lumbered with if you were to buy your own land somewhere. And those EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) can be a real financial killer when they fall due.

Mobile home park living is huge on the west coast of the US, and finances are one of the biggest reasons why so many California mobile home owners are opting to move into home parks instead of purchasing a lot elsewhere.

Renting space inside a mobile home park is only the fraction of the cost of paying off a parcel of land, and parks have a lot more benefits to offer as well.

Take Advantage of Park Facilities

Some mobile home parks are like living in a resort when it comes to facilities. These will vary depending on the park, but often you’ll discover there is a community swimming pool, maybe a games room with billiards, table tennis and some arcade games, a BBQ area and places where you can socialize with your family or friends, or even get to know other people within the park.

You’re living smaller when you choose to live in a mobile home, so it’s important to have some outdoor areas available where you can “spread out” so to speak, and just relax without always being cooped up indoors, or having to travel to find a bit of space.

Park Management Takes Care of All the Maintenance

This is yet another way that mobile home park living is way more stress-free than owning your own land. The management takes care of all the maintenance in the park.

They do the general clean up, mow any lawns, sweep up the leaves, repair anything that needs repairing and much more.

All you really have to do is look after your own mobile home. The rest of the time you can just kick back and enjoy the lifestyle.

Less work and upkeep for you means way less stress and more free time to have a good time.

Monthly Rents Are Minimal

Again, these will vary from park to park, but you own your own home and are only renting a small pocket of land within the park to put your home on. Rent for this is nothing compared to actually renting a house or apartment.

Owning a mobile home and living in a mobile home park equates to saving a fortune. You’ll have loads more disposable income to spend on the things you want to buy and the stuff you want to see and do.

That’s what life’s really about; being able to live it on your terms without too many financial restrictions.

A Mobile Home Is Mobile

If for any reason one mobile home park isn’t quite working out for you, you can always pack up and leave and find another one once your current lease agreement has expired.

That’s another huge advantage of owning a mobile home, as well as NOT owning the land it sits on.

If you purchased land and you wanted to move, you would then have to try and sell the land as well.

In a mobile home park you just arrange for your house to be moved to the next location and you’re done.

Chances are that once you find a mobile home park that’s to your liking, you’ll want to stay anyway, but the option to move is always there if you want to take it one day.

You’ll Make Lots of New Friends

One of the biggest assets of mobile home park living is the social aspect. You’re bound to meet some really cool, like-minded people and make plenty of new friends to share a meal or a drink with and have a few laughs.

Socializing within the home park is yet another way this style of living reduces stress and pressure in your life, allowing you to live free and in harmony with those around you.

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