Top 5 Signs You Have A Leak At Your Property


With time, it is common to face the problem of clogged toilets as well as malfunctioning heaters. However, many plumbing problems such as pipe leakage can be quite problematic. Here are some of the ways by which you can detect leakage.

Damaged wallpapers

If you want to find out any leakage in your property, then it is best if you first try to find out whether there are any stained walls or possible leakage from the walls. Sometimes colour chipping off the walls can be yet another reason behind the leakage in your property. Due to this reason, it is always a good idea to opt for leak detection Leatherhead.

The main reason behind paint chipping off the walls is moisture trapping between the walls and the paints as well as the wallpapers. With time, the bind damages and the chipping starts. Checking for leakage in the property is always good so that you can prevent any massive damage in the future.

Stained bathroom

Another sign by which you can understand that your property has leakage is the stained bathroom floors or cracked floors. Leakage can turn out to be major problems if you do not treat them on time. You will notice that after a certain time, the bathroom tiles will come off.

Due to this reason, it is best to opt for leakage detection. If you go deep, you will realize that the burst pipes are the only reason behind this. Even though you cannot do the work, plumbers are efficient enough to find out the issues in your property.

The foul smell of state water

If you leave the pipes unnoticed for long, then quite naturally the water accumulates, leading to foul smell. Even after cleaning your house regularly, if you get the smell, then chances are there that probably, there is a leakage along with a damp smell throughout. The reason behind this is because water does not dry completely leading to the growth of mould. Home plumbing is the best way to avoid such issues.

Huge water bill

In case you are getting high water bills lately, then chances are there that any leakage is present in your house. It is best to compare previous water bills from the previous year so that you can easily spot the difference. Once you fix the leakage, you will be able to lower your water bills.

Scattered wet spots

Wet spots here and there throughout your house is a sign that you might have any pipe leakage in your house; therefore, it is best to opt for the leakage detection, and only professional plumbers can do that.

Hence, these are some of the signs through which you can easily detect that there are major leakage spots in your property.

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