Things to Know When Choosing a BBB Trusted Plumber in Charlotte


Whether you reside in or rent your house, plumbing problems may always arise. Fixing an issue, be it a burst pipe or a running toilet, depends on your response time. Sometimes home remodeling tasks even require correction, in which case you will need to hire a professional.

Selecting the appropriate provider can be a crucial initial step in making sure nothing goes wrong. Before selecting a professional plumber in Charlotte, there are several factors to take into account, and we don’t want to run the risk of any unpleasant surprises. Finding the perfect person who can manage our special project can be very time-consuming and exhausting.

It is important to choose a service provider carefully, regardless of whether you need them for an urgent matter or a scheduled project. Let’s do the right thing if we don’t want shoddy installation, harm to our house, or having to spend too much on normal maintenance. A wonderful place to start looking for reputable services is the Better Business Bureau.

What does BBB mean?

The BBB’s overarching goal is to advance consumer education, business best practices, and company performance ratings by making readily available information about these topics. The three main rating systems they share—accreditation, grading, and rating—allow customers to get a more complete picture of a potential business.

  • A company must fulfill some requirements to be accredited, including responsiveness, honesty, and integrity, among others. To put it briefly, a certified firm has proven that it is dedicated to serving the interests of its clients.
  • It also gives many businesses, a grade based on the A through F letter grading system. Based mostly on an assessment of how well a company handles customer complaints (check out for more information), the grading system assigns points.
  • Five stars is the highest rating in a star system derived from customer reviews. Anyone can go straight to a company’s Better Business Bureau profile and rate the establishment with one to five stars. Every review adds to the rating that can be shown on business profiles and gives thorough, first-hand information from customers.

Tips on Hiring a BBB Plumber Every Homeowner Can Trust

Although fixing plumbing problems is never enjoyable, it’s vital to be ready for emergencies. Therefore, look for authorized plumbers at all times and visit to seek out a reliable plumber. It suggests the following guidelines to assist you in selecting a reliable service provider.

Plan and React

Understand your home’s plumbing system in advance. Find the isolation valves on each line and the main water valve. Acquire the plumber’s tape and store it with some wrenches and a plunger.

For instance, immediately turn off the primary water supply valve to halt the flow of water upon realizing there is an issue. To avoid hot water buildup inside, don’t forget to switch off the heating system or put it on a pilot.

Get Estimates

The costs charged by various service providers vary widely. Verify whether materials are included in the estimate at a fixed cost or if they will be billed individually. Make sure the scope of the estimate is made clear.

For thorough estimates in writing for the job, get in touch with multiple contractors. To grasp the scope of work, expenses, and any potential deviations, compare the estimates. Be wary of estimates that are abnormally high or low.

Research Companies and Read Reviews

Look up possible plumbers online and read reviews from past clients before making a decision, since NC is a good place for businesses. Click here for further reading. Frequently, the profiles have ratings, comments, and any complaints that have been filed by users. This data might offer insightful information on the company’s performance history and clientele.

Inquire before placing orders or purchases

For the expert to install, you might wish to purchase some fittings or goods. Because not all contractors offer this service, make sure you check with them upfront to make sure that they are determined to do it.

Look for products that have been approved by the NSF, or National Sanitation Foundation, and have the Uniform Plumbing Code mark if you decide to purchase them. It might be your responsibility, not your plumber’s, to remove or fix the product if it breaks down.

Check for insurance and license

Verify the company’s insurance and licensing status. A plumbing contractor with a license has fulfilled specific qualifications and is equipped with the know-how needed to complete high-quality work. In the event of an accident or damage during the process, insurance coverage safeguards both you and the person in charge.

Think about selecting a service provider who is a member of a trade association

Seek out local establishments that belong to associations, such as the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association or the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. It would be a good choice if they’re accredited.

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