The Affordability of Cleaning Services


Choosing Health and Safety On A Budget

If you live in and around Wheaton and you have wondered if you too could afford to have one of those houses like you see on television, then the answer may surprise you. Regularly seeing those ultra-clean and always put together homes that everyone seems to have that is so inviting and warm makes us all want a cleaner, more well-kept homes for ourselves and often question if we can afford to have one of those homes someday. Well, the answer to that question is positively “yes you can.”

The Ways Cleaning Agencies Charge For Their Services

The easiest way this is possible to obtain, especially if you are a very busy person like all of us are, by hiring a cleaning service to do the work for you. Now, you may be thinking to yourself that this is an expensive option and not workable on your tight budget, but you might be wrong in that thought. Many services nowadays have become very efficient at what they do and therefore are cheaper and more budget-friendly than you might assume. They have standard practices that speed up their work and products that do the job better and faster than some you may find on shelves at your local supermarket. This means that they can get the job done in less time and with less effort than you could accomplish the same tasks. So, they can offer their services at very affordable rates.

They typically charge these rates in a few different optional methods for you to choose from, or that vary from agency to agency. Some still charge by the hour, while others have found alternative ways of offering their services to those of us who are hyper-focused on cost. These other businesses can offer billing by the square footage of your home for an entire house cleans, a set price per room, or just a flat fee for a deep clean or a regularly scheduled maintenance clean up.

Charging By The Foot

Charging by the square footage usually comes at a decent rate and includes everything from the floors to the light fixtures in the ceiling. They offer rates at a price point easy for us customers to digest and are very reasonable. Paying by the size of your home is often a great choice, especially for those who have a smaller home or apartment that needs to be cleaned up when you simply cannot keep up or just don’t have the time to maintain a high level of sanitization of every single room within your home.

A Price Per Room Billing Model

Next, paying a set price per room in your home is a suitable option for those who just want specific areas in their home cleaned up rather than a total home cleanup. For example, if you just wanted the harder to maintain areas in your home done, like the kitchen and bathrooms, and don’t want people going in your bedroom, then this is the perfect choice for you. Many cleaning businesses offer this type of billing and offer very affordable rates for operating on a room by room basis.

A Set Flat Fee Pricing Method

Finally, a flat fee is sometimes the best option and is usually set on the amount of work the cleaning agency expects to encounter when tackling your cleaning job. They will usually charge a bit more for a single-time deep cleaning than they would for a regularly scheduled maintenance clean up where they come every week or every other week. They will also up the price for a deep clean if it has been an extensively long time since your home had one or is dirtier than the average home for whatever reason like maybe you have five small children and a very busy schedule that doesn’t lend itself towards you having time to properly maintain a high level of cleaning standards.

But don’t worry, they have seen some incredibly dirty buildings in their experiences and your simple messy home is never as difficult or as dirty to them as you may think it is. Paying a set price is a great option for those who want a complete house clean for a bigger home or who just want to plan a budget ahead of time for exactly how much their job will cost them. Or, maybe you need to have a little time to save up the money to pay for your yearly deep clean and need a goal to work towards, in which case you can just call a local cleaner and ask for a set price quote for completing your house clean up.

Which Method Fits Your Needs And Budget?

Whatever your specific situation is, there is an affordable option for your cleaning job, and you should never assume that hiring someone to do the job for you is too expensive of an option. You would be surprised at the rates offered by some cleaning services. They are professionals who do this day in and day out, so they know how to efficiently complete your home’s cleaning, so they can offer very reasonable rates for doing the job. Usually, this rate is more affordable than you may have thought, and you should give a few agencies a call and see what kind of pricing models they offer for their services.

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