Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas To Improve Your Home’s Value


Homeowners should always think of ways to increase the value of their properties. A home is a lifetime investment. Hence, you must maintain its value over the years. Whether this involves regular maintenance, renovation, or other projects, it is important to maintain the home’s quality to get the maximum return of investment.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your property is to make sustainable decisions. The value of a well-furnished house is always more than houses that lack basic appeal.

Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

Going for eco-friendly ways is not only good to boost your home’s value, but it also helps to reduce your footprint on nature.

Given below are the sustainable home improvements methods that you can add value to your home without emptying your bank balance.

  1. Take care of your landscaping

The landscape around it greatly boosts the value of the home property. Keeping up a well-carved lawn with colorful plants will not only boost the value of your property but also make your surroundings healthy and pest free.

If you have a budget, then consider hiring a professional to maintain your lawn. And if that is not the case, then take out time on your weekends to maintain the surroundings by yourself.

When you add greenery around the perimeter of your house, try planting plants that serve different purposes. For instance, plats like Marigold, Lavender, and mints are not only beautiful and colorful but also keep the pest away from your home.

  1. Update your bathrooms

When it comes down to home renovation and improvement, people tend to forget about the bathrooms. Well, that’s the last place where people like to visit. However, studies have found out that having a refreshing bathroom directly affects your mood and improves aesthetics.

For instance, using low flow taps and energy-efficient appliances can save several bucks on your electricity bills and reduce your environmental footprint.

You can install airtight windows and dimmer switches to further lower the consumption of the electricity. To know more about the airtight windows, you can visit energy efficient windows Lafayette.

  1. Add extra square footage

Whether you want to sell your house or keep your home’s value high, adding some extra square spaces will get the job done. The best way to add extra spaces in your home is by using prefabricated metal buildings. Pre-made metal buildings can be used in various places and are quite cost-effective.

Prefabricated metal buildings give you the flexibility to add extra space to your home. They come in different dimensions and architectural designs and take only a couple of weeks to set up a pre-made building completely.

  1. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are the long term investment that can help in improving the sustainability of your home. For instance, high-efficiency washers can save up to hundreds of gallons of water every year, upgrading your refrigerators can help you reduce the electric bills.

Some people like to make energy audits before they shift to their new houses. Energy audits let the people know about their appliance-based power consumption. This data can help people to use their appliances efficiently.

Energy audits also help you find out the problems that need to be solved before you can live a sustainable life in your home. Things like old wires, weak insulation, and old appliances are part of the energy audits.

  1. Add non-toxic carpeting

Flooring is often overlooked while renovating homes for a sustainable life. However, adding the right carpet at the right place can boost your sustainable living experience. If you have old hardwood floors and rugged carpeting, you miss out on some important insulation.

Carpeting is not just for decorating your floor. It helps to regulate the temperature of the room as well as absorb external noises. So, make sure that you have a carpet that is labeled eco-friendly or non-toxic.

The Bottom Line

On the surface, sustainable home improvement ideas might not seem worthwhile, but that is not the case. You can take your time to sustainable home improvements and can upgrade your home within the remodeling budgets.

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