Simple Ways to Identify Fake Cowhide Rugs


If you plan on buying cowhide rugs, you must put in some effort to ensure that whatever you purchase is authentic. The market is currently crowded with lots of fake cowhide rugs. If you are not careful, you may end up spending a lot of your money on a fake rug. The following tips make it easy for you to identify fake rugs.

Cost Difference

Even though you do not need to spend a fortune on your cowhide rugs, you should be careful with those that are unreasonably cheap. Fake cowhide rugs are typically cheaper than real ones. A lot of care goes into making a real cowhide rug. This includes the way cows are raised and the manufacturing process.

Difference in Texture

One of the most effective ways to tell the difference between a real and fake cowhide rug is through its texture. The natural texture of cowhide is soft and supple. This should be reflected in the cowhide rug you buy. Fake rugs may be rough. Some of them start out soft but start feeling rough over the years. Do not buy any cowhide rug whose texture does not feel natural.


Real cowhide is durable even though it does not require a lot of effort in maintenance. Most fake cowhide rugs do not last long. The fake rugs are mostly made out of plastics that do not last long. The surfaces of such rugs may appear flimsy.

Color Variance

Cowhide rugs are available in both natural and dyed color variances. The natural colors are white, brown, and black. Fake hides, however, are produced in all colors. All-natural cowhide rugs have a unique look. It is possible to tell them apart even if they are of the same color.


The good looks of cowhide rugs depend on a variety of factors. Fake cowhide rugs may be treated to look better than natural hides. The fur may be finer and the colors may be more vibrant. If you are trying to avoid fake cowhide rugs, stay away from those that do not have a natural look.

Physical Test

If you are buying your cowhide rug from a physical store, do not forget to do a physical test before making your purchase. The bunch test is the most effective way to identify real cowhide rugs. Bunch up your rug and then slowly allow it to unroll. If it is a real, high-quality rug, it will roll out without leaving any wrinkles.

If you are unable to buy from a physical store, by your rug from an online store that has a good return policy. Perform the bunch test at home and send the rug back if it does not appear to be real.

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