Signs Your Roof Maybe in Need of Repair


Home maintenance is one of the most important things for any homeowner to adhere to if they want to keep their homes in good condition for longer. Every year, an extensive checklist that covers every area of the home; from the roof to the floors must be inspected for faults. After this is done, the necessary repairs are conducted routinely by experts and the list is checked off until the next year rolls by. Some of these maintenances are conducted bi-annually, some are done just once a year. And then you have those that are barely given a glance every other year. The roof repair falls in the category of the later.

Despite the fact that the roof plays a vital role in contributing to the structural soundness of a home, many homeowners barely give it a cursory glance in their annual home maintenance checklist. The gutters are cleaned of course, but attention is not given to the roofing structure itself. This is perhaps due to the general assumption that roofs are forever or that any work done on it might make things worse. On the contrary, if you fail to routinely check on your roof, what would have been a simple roof repair might turn into a full roof replacement when the damages set in. As the old adage says, a stitch in time can save nine.

Roof repairs essentially fix small problems that are isolated to just very small areas. However, as your roof gets older, those repairs may not be enough to stem the damages caused by those problematic areas so the ideal solution would be to do a full roof repair or roof restoration depending on what your situation may be. To accurately determine the ideal solution for you, you may need to call on companies or professionals who offer roofing services. That said, if you are the handy type with a ladder and the interest in following through on your home maintenance checklist, there are a few things you could look out for to determine if your roof needs repairs.

Roof Maintenance Check List

  1. For starters, if you notice a leak, this is a clear sign that your roof needs repairs. A small leak is indicative of small repairs. However, if the leak is large and in multiple areas, you might need to check with a professional for a second opinion before taking any decisive action.
  2. Another sign that could inform your decision to call in for repairs is the age of your roof. Roofs, in general, have a shelf life of 20-30 years. If the roof in your home is in this age bracket, even though there are no other physical signs of damage, it may be time to call the experts.
  3. The presence of algae also speaks to the state of your roof. This is related to the age of your roof because algae do not just form overnight. They take time to grow. Now your roof may be less than a decade old but if you spot algae on them, it might be time to start making preparations for repairs.
  4. A clear physical sign that your roof is due for repairs is rot. It is not hard to spot rot. You just need to look at the wood below the roof. If you spot rot in the wood, it means that water is getting through. In some very rare cases, you can follow your nose. Wood rot sometimes has a unique smell. But if you can smell the rot, the damage might be extensive.

Contact the experts!

If you discover all of these signs or maybe just one, you should not put off roof repairs any more. However, before you run off to acquire materials for repairs, ensure that you contact an expert who would do a thorough evaluation of the roof of your home and make proper recommendations based on their assessment. That way, you can rest easy knowing that when the repairs are done, your home can get through the rainy months without any leaks.

If you think your roof is in need of a health check, contact your local roof repair team.

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