Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home


Bed bugs are small insects that rely on your blood for survival. These bugs usually bite people during the night time since they are active then. When you identify the presence of bed bugs in your home, it is essential to hire a pest control service to get rid of them effectively. They are experts and can provide you with the best solution to remove these pests. Various questions arise, such as does bleach kill bed bugs, and they can solve any queries you might have.

Look for these signs.

Your skin.

Since bed bugs pierce your skin to withdraw your blood, you might wake up with red itchy spots on any part of your skin that was exposed at night. They have a particular bit pattern in a line that differs from mosquitoes’.

Blood on your bedding.

You might see small spots of blood on your sheets and pillowcases when you wake up. It can be because of their bite or if you accidentally squash them while sleeping.


Certain dark or rusty colored stains on your mattress, clothing, walls, and sheets can occur due to the excretion of bed bugs. They smear when you touch them and have a bad odor.

You find their shells.

Bed bugs grow and shed their skin. Their shells can be identified by their translucent, yellow-brown appearance. They can be spotted in areas such as cracks in wooden furniture and your mattress.


Their eggs look like tiny spots that are white, ovular, and slightly stuck to wooden or fabric surfaces and can indicate the presence of bed bugs.


Bed bugs produce a musty and unpleasant odor through their pheromones.

Although bed bugs do not usually appear in front of people when they are awake, in some cases, you might directly spot a live one while it’s moving.

How to remove them?

Bed bugs can cause various health problems and stress. They need to be removed to ensure that you are sleeping safely. A pest control professional identifies the areas of infestation and contains them. Then, specific chemical or non-chemical methods can be used to remove them. It is essential to use chemical products only after proper research since they can be toxic for you as well. Take measures to prevent them from infesting your home and monitor the areas after treatment. Be careful and read instructions properly.

It is always advised to consult a professional for guidance. Their removal procedures are effective and can significantly help your situation.

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