Know About Different Types of Basins


Are you confused about whether to buy under counter basin or fixed type basin? Wash basins are available in different types. The types of wash basins are based on the material used for making wash basin, designs, and size based on its application. It is used both for domestic and commercial purposes. The sink is also similar to wash basin and it has a minor difference. If you are setting up freestanding baths in Sydney, you need to research well the available options and features. In this article let us discuss the different types of wash basins.

Based on the material used for manufacturing they are divided into three major types. They are ceramic type wash basins, stainless steel type wash basins, and acrylic type wash basins. Most of the basins are made up of ceramic since they last for a long period and strength. When compared with ceramic type acrylic type has very fewer advantages. Acrylic wash-basins are mostly used for its outer look. Most of the countertop wash basins are made up of acrylic because of the issue related to strength. The cost of Stainless steel type basins is less when compared with the ceramic type.

Some types of wash basins based on the model or designs are integrated pedestal type, pedestal type wash basins, wall hung type wash basins, corner wash basins, sink, counter wash basins and cabinet or tabletop wash basins.

It is a new design on the market. It is similar to the single unit toilet. In this type, both pedestal and washbasin are produced together. It is produced as a single mould. It has an extraordinary design. The installation process is a little difficult since both pedestal and washbasin are fused as one unit. It is a little expensive. This type can be mounted on the wall or it can also be fixed on the floor mount. If you choose wall mount type then you will get half pedestal type basin and if you choose floor mount then you will get full pedestal type basin.

Counter basin types are mostly used in hotels. The shape of the bowl will be in rectangular, square, oval or circular and it also has a rim on its side. Rim is supported on the slab with the help of a hole. Counter basins are divided into two main types. They are over counter washbasin and under-counter basin. This subdivision is based on the rim position. If the rim is in visible position then it is called a counter washbasin and if the rim is not visible then it is called a counter washbasin.

It is used both in the house and also in labs. The shape of the sink is a rectangle and it does not have an extra hole for the tap. Based on the usage sink is divided into two types they are lab sink and kitchen sink. Lab sinks are in small size.

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