How to Properly Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps


As we all know, the bathroom is the place where we bath and do other things about making ourselves clean. We must look at it as a comfortable part of the house, and not a place to get a lot of germs and bacteria.

According to, most people tend to perceive the bathroom as one part of the house that we hate to clean. Things can get pretty gross because you can see hairs, dirt, and scums all over the place, but we need to maintain the cleanliness in every part of the house, especially the bathroom.

Cleaning the whole bathroom will get rid of all the potential sources of viruses and bacteria. Also, it should be seen as the cleanest place in the house. We will give you seven steps on how you can make your entire bathroom clean and sorted.

Step 1: Remove All Items

The first thing you should do in deep cleaning your bathroom is removing all items in it. Remove all items you can see that can hinder in your complete deep cleaning experience.

Put all the products you see from the shower outside the room. These may be shampoos, soaps, liquid soaps, conditioners, and so on. Toss all towels and rugs outside the bathroom. Include also the items in your sink and counters.

You are doing this to set your bathroom to cleaning state, and it would not be difficult for you to clean all parts of the bathroom.

Step 2: Dust and Sweep

Once your bathroom is bare, you can start sweeping and cleaning all surface in your bathroom. You would want to get rid of all dust, cobwebs, and dirt in your bathroom before using water in cleaning.

Use a duster with long handles to help you reach corners and light fixtures in the bathroom. If you cannot reach the dust and cobwebs, you might need to use a stepladder for this. Make sure to sweep all dust and dirt that can be seen in your bathroom.

After that, it is now time to sweep the floor and pick up all debris such as hairs and others that are seen on the floor.

Step 3: Clean the Toilet

Cleaning your toilet does not need to be a dreadful process, as long as you are doing the right ways to clean it, you will be okay.

First, put some gloves in cleaning the toilet. Use a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the flushers, lid, tank, and the top and bottom of the rim of the toilet.

After that, clean the base and area that is behind the toilet. Bacteria build-up is very easy to happen in the bathroom especially in the hidden and hard to reach places in it. Lastly, you get a toilet brush and scrub the bowl. When you are done, cover the toilet and flush.

Step 4: Clean Surfaces

After the toilet, you should now focus on the bathroom surfaces. You can start by having an all-purpose cleaner, and a cloth or sponge then wipe all other surfaces in the bathroom. These surfaces are towel racks, baseboards, blinds, doors, and counters. Clean it from top to bottom, and from left to right. Make sure you get everything aside from the mirrors, shower, and tub.

Step 5: Clean Mirror and Sink

Your sink and mirror are what we call parts of the vanity area, which you need to get cleaned. Start by pouring either baking soda or vinegar to the sink and flush it with hot water. Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the sink and faucet, then wipe it with a clean cloth. You need to get rid of any bacteria in the faucet and drain, and at the same time, make it sparkling clean.

If you have any soap scum in the sink or the soap dish, you should use a sponge to loosen all those buildups before wiping it clean.

For your mirror, spray again with your glass cleaner and use a mirror wiper for it. We are recommending using a glass cleaner instead of an all-purpose cleaner is because it would not do an excellent job in cleaning mirrors and glasses.

Step 6: Clean Shower and Tub

By this time, you need to focus on your shower or tub. The first thing you should do is leaving it soaked with different cleaning agents. Fill your tub with warm water and mix it with bleach, tub cleaner or all-purpose cleaner.

After that, you should scrub the shower walls and the bathtub. Once you are done scrubbing, let everything sit for a while before rinsing it down.

Step 7: Clean the Floors

The last step in deep cleaning your bathroom is to wash your bathroom floors. For some people, this step is the part of the bathroom that they would not want to clean. What you should do in this step is to mop your floor.

Start by getting a bucket filled with warm water and the right amount of all-purpose cleaner. Soak your mop there from time to time and clean your bathroom floor. After mopping, you should let it dry out.

Finally, when your floor is dry, get a new set of bathroom rugs and mats you got rid earlier and placed it back in your bathroom. Bring back also the other items you put outside the bathroom before cleaning.


After reading this article about deep cleaning your bathroom should let you know that deep cleaning is relatively easy because you know everything to make and every step to do in creating a more efficient cleaning time in your toilet room.

Another thing is that you should regularly clean your bathroom and not leave it for a long time unorganized since bacteria and germs will quickly build up. Also, you can keep your bathroom clean every day by doing simple things after using it such as picking up loose hair, emptying your trash can, flushing the toilet, and so on.

We hope that this article helped you today and made you an efficient bathroom cleaner.

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