How To Maintain Artificial Lawns


An artificial lawn is often installed within a day making it a viable alternative to traditional lawns which demand regular maintenance. Those who prefer natural lawns will need to hire rotavators and other tools to prepare the soil for fresh growth, which takes effort and time. Technology has advanced to a level where artificial grass looks as good as new after years of usage.

Though ,some amount of maintenance is required to care for artificial grass, it’s no where near that of a real lawn. Specific guidelines are often issued by manufacturers, but understanding how artificial grass is installed helps maintain lawns better.

Following Simple Instructions Saves Time And Effort

Artificial carpets are manufactured to specific width and are joined to cover an entire lawn. Standard installation procedures ensure synthetic grass carpets are joined with pile running in the same direction. The basic precaution ensures grass is inclined to flow in one direction allowing easy maintenance.

A layer made of geotextile fabric is applied over sand after the soil is freed from natural wild grass and weeds. The process prevents weeds from growing out of drainage outlets provided within artificial grass. It also implies artificial lawns need minimal maintenance in terms of freeing the surface from impurities.

Broom Sufficient For Regular Maintenance

A stiff broom is just what is required to remove unwanted dirt and other impurities accumulated onto the artificial lawn. Grass has sufficient height and can be brushed vigorously in one direction. Regular hosing is required to remove stubborn dirt accumulated over time, but care must be taken to ensure high-speed jets are not used. It may damage the inner layer holding grass or loosen joints held by adhesive.

Weathering effects do take place. Artificial grass is easily inspected. If stiffness occurs, it may be necessary to rake out sand hardened just above or below the surface. Once a routine with the standard stiff broom is established, other maintenance procedures are kept to the minimum.

Basic Precautionary Measures Extend Life

Unlike natural grass, artificial lawns are made of material having limited tolerance towards heat. For example, a lighted cigarette stub thrown onto an artificial lawn is likely to burn into the grass leaving behind permanent damage. Specific areas must be designated for heating purposes. Insulated material is placed under the heating apparatus. Also, heavy items must not be dragged across the grass. It does not grow back again.

Dogs love the smooth surface and easily adapt to artificial lawns. However, house training is required to ensure pets poop at specific areas meant for easy cleaning. It is possible to scoop poop. Hosing is then done to clean the synthetic surface.

Kids play safely, as artificial grass is soft and does not harm the skin. Regular washing in dry weather ensures the surface remains soft. The need to hire rotavator services does not arise, unless you still prefer to go in for the traditional natural lawns.

The choice is completely yours. Pesticides and other harsh chemicals are not needed to preserve artificial grass. However the easy maintenance arising from the use of such a lawn is preferential to many.

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