Flat Roof Craze


Flat roofs are those without a pitch and the slope is less than 10 degrees. They’re a popular option for commercial buildings and domestic dwellings.

The Advantages of a Flat Roof

  • Lower cost of materials
  • Less labour intensive
  • Less susceptible to wind damage
  • Quicker repairs
  • More useable outdoor space
  • Safer to inspect

The only downside to flat roofs is that they do not drain as easily as a sloped roof would. This is compensated for by the installation of special mechanisms to help remove water.

Flat Roof Maintenance and Repair

As with any roof type, flat roofs last considerably longer when they are maintained properly. Flat roofs make it easier for professional roofers to inspect and repair your roof.

When you’re in need of flat roof repair in Birmingham, trust that there are professionals available to provide regular roof maintenance, gutter installation and repair, and fascia and soffit installation.

When hiring a roofer, consider their level of expertise. Companies with decades of experience can serve you better and have a reputation to uphold.

When considering a full roof installation, collaborate with a company who can provide an insurance backed guarantee. Your new flat roof can last up to 25 years. An insurance backed guarantee protects the homeowner from a loss if the company who installed the roof discontinues their business.

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