Energy Conservation Tips For Households With Kids


While having many kids is a source of joy to many households, it also comes with the catch of your electricity bills soaring. Young, curious children may be playing with your electronics without your notice, or excessively use the tap with the heater on, in addition to having too many people benefiting from your home’s electrical system.

One solution to costly electricity bills is switching to an alternative energy source, such as solar. In Utah and other states, quality solar installation service is now available, so consult the experts from solar companies in your city. This way, you can work out how much you’d save from relying on solar power, and how it can benefit your household.

But even if solar power can lower your electricity bills, it shouldn’t be a reason to stop conserving energy. Just because it’s a cleaner source than fossil fuels means it should be abused, so whether or not you go solar, educating your children about energy conservation is a must.

Ways to Teach Children About Conserving Energy

When your young ones have already started going to school, chances are their teachers have also been educating them on using less energy. Keep the lessons going by pointing out every appliance and electronics in the house, and quizzing your kids on where their powers are sourced. Make it a family activity by researching the answers together.

Teach them how to switch off lights and unplug wires. It would be wiser to assign each kid a responsibility so that their tasks will be age-appropriate. For example, assign the eldest for unplugging wires, and the youngest for turning off the TV after they finish their cartoons.

Make it fun and motivational by establishing a reward system. Set up a chart showing each kid’s assignment, and put a check mark beside it when they complete the task correctly. Give them a reward every week for being obedient, and also ask them to call you out if you’re wasting energy. They’ll learn to be more attentive with their electrical usage that way!

Habits to Teach

Aside from giving each of your kids an assignment, teach them other energy-saving habits, too, to make them accustomed to practicing them with or without you telling them to. Here are some easy energy conservation practices to teach your kids:

  • Reducing the use of digital devices. Encourage them to play outside more, instead
  • Unplugging the charger after a device has finished charging
  • Turning off electronics that aren’t in use
  • Timing their showers
  • Closing the doors of the room they get out of
  • Keeping the fridge door closed
  • Altering you when they feel a draft coming from beneath doors and through a window
  • Keeping their curtains or blinds closed on hot days

Energy-Saving Habits For Parents

If you’re teaching your children how to conserve energy, then you must set an example for them to follow, too. Be responsible for the more complicated tasks such as:

  • Setting the thermostats to the recommended settings (78° for the AC and 68° for the furnace)
  • Choosing only energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs
  • Unplugging electronics (if your kids are still too young to do it) or using the surge suppressors to turn them off completely
  • Conserving water
  • Insulating your home
  • Changing air filters
  • Planting trees to minimize the heat in the summer and to provide a windbreak during cooler seasons.

Even the smallest acts of conserving energy can go a long way, so don’t underestimate the capabilities of your young ones to consume less electricity. Coupled with a clean energy source, you’ll never be burdened by costly bills again and you contribute to saving the environment.

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