DIY or Call the Pros for Lift Stations and Sewer Maintenance?


For those homes that are depending on the machinery and technology for their sewer systems, sometimes what is needed are repair, assistance, and maintenance.

In these situations, everyone is thinking about what to do. Calling some of the many sewer repair companies is always an option but some people like to handle things by themselves.

Thinking about this issue opens a lot of questions. In this article, we’re going to go over some details to see if it is better to do things alone, or it’s still better to call a professional plumbing company that will do everything without your interference. Follow up and see more on this!

Why the pros are a good option?

When you call a professional plumbing and sewer company, you can be sure that they know everything about this issue. If we talk about lift stations in particular, then you should know that this item is dealing with a lot of pressure and can be dangerous for anyone who’s not skilled or inexperienced in it.

Also, digging the sewer is not the most pleasant job. It’s full of ingredients that are unhealthy and that’s why these people require wearing special equipment that will prevent injuries and poisoning.

Aside from this, it is very inconvenient to dig through the leftovers from the drain, the toilets, and everything that you flushed through the drain thinking that it’s gone forever.

On top of this, companies have special equipment to handle things like this. It’s not easy to dig in the ground where the problem is and then handle heavy pipes alone. If you’re together with a few people, without proper machines, this is going to be too hard.

The professionals have special trucks and items for all of these problems. They work with it every day and nothing can surprise them. Know more here.

A company will send their best men for this job. People who are dealing with this daily and have a lot of experience and skills to solve these kinds of problems. Most of the ordinary people have no clue about what a lifting station is and fixing it is a completely different story.

One final thing is that pros have licenses for the job and they are insured for eventual problems. If you work alone and make a bigger problem, the damage will have to be fixed out of your pocket. When an insured company does the job, even if they do make a mistake, you know that there is someone who’ll take care of the problem.

Why DIY is a good option?

If you’re skilled in this and you understand how plumbing works, it’s great to do things alone. The main reason why people would do this is to save money. Plumbing services are not cheap, and if someone wants to put a dollar in the piggy bank, they can fix this by themselves.

All they need is a shovel and some plumbing equipment. Of course, there’s the moment when you need to lift something heavy, but a lot of times people have friends or family who have the proper equipment and will come to the rescue.

Another thing is that a lot of people don’t like strangers digging through their yard. It is a well-known fact that workers won’t care about the surroundings like you’d like them to. They’ll just dig up everything and tell you that they had to do it.

On the way, you’ll probably receive an invoice about parts that were allegedly broken and needed to be replaced while you’re sure that they were fine the last time you checked. So, there’s a lot of stress and anger during the work of so-called professionals.

They’ll just come and make a mess and will leave your home earning a ton of money from you for doing a mess. Then, you’ll have to spend additionally for gardening companies who will also charge a lot to get everything in the shape that previously was there. See more about this problem here:

In short, doing everything by yourself means taking care of things the proper way. If you have an understanding of plumbing, lift stations and sewer pipes, and you have the will to work, it’s always better to do things your way.


Seeing the two points above, it’s clear that everyone can choose their winner. Those who like to save and do things properly will choose the second option, while those who are not sure how things are done, will choose the first option.

If you’re thinking that you know how to handle the problem, you also need to think about when was the last time you fixed a problem of this kind. If the answer is never, and you only know the theory about plumbing, it’s best to call the pros.

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