Definitive signs that you need professional pest control


Pests are every homeowner’s ultimate nightmare. Insects and termites can damage your home beyond your imagination, which may eventually require thousands of dollars in repairs. If you see signs of pests at home, you should consider calling a professional service. In case you feel tempted to use one of the ready pest control products from the supermarket, keep in mind that these products only remove the pests you can see with your eyes. Also, you may have to apply the product multiple times, although that is no assurance that pests wouldn’t return. In Olympia, services like Pointe Pest Control have been around for years, and you can expect their professionals to get rid of pests with an assurance on the job. In this post, we are sharing more about signs that you need professional pest control. 

  1. Unexpected property damage. Many pests, including termites are not seen in plain sight, but can cause considerable property damage. You may find unexpected tunnels in your walls, chewed wiring, or droppings. These are signs of pest infestation, which must be checked by a professional. 
  2. Droppings. Another common sign of rodent infestation is droppings and urine. You are more likely to find these signs around areas close to food sources, such as the pantry, kitchen, and trash area. While roaches may seem harmless, these insects can carry serious diseases and infections. 
  3. Unusual sounds. If you find scratching and rustling sounds in the kitchen and other areas of the house, especially at night, it might be a sign of pests at home. Most pests are most active at night, and that’s when you may hear these sounds. If the sound comes from the walls of your home, there could be termites or carpenter ants, 

In addition to all these signs, you may find real rodents and pests in plain sight, and this often happens when the infestation has gone beyond the first stage. 

Benefits of professional pest control

First and foremost, all professional pest control companies are licensed, insured, and they do it all that takes to remove pests from your home. It is not about killing a few insects, but getting rid of the problem in a way that you don’t have to worry about pests for at least a long time to come. 

The good news is most professional pest control companies will be happy to offer some sort of assurance on the work they do, and they will adhere to safe practices. 

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