Contemporary Or Classic Design? Why A Blend Of Both Is Best For Your Bedroom


Bedroom is the most peaceful place for us. Some people want their bedroom to be a little cosy, contemporary and some people want their bedroom to be decorated with the classic traditional touch. But, what if you can create a perfect combo of contemporary and classic design. This will reflect the amazing taste you have and also will create a peaceful ambiance that we all look in our bedroom the most.

Contemporary design

Contemporary furniture like colourful walls and oil paintings in the wall will give your bedroom an instant modern look. Also furniture like a king size bed with colourful pillows gives your bedroom a look of a luxurious hotel and the comfort it gives keeps the all-day tiredness away and makes you feel refreshed. So many beautiful and trendy flower-vases are available in the market, pick one of them that goes with the colour and style of your bedroom. Always try to keep some fresh flowers like roses or colourful orchids on it. Entering such a bedroom after a long hectic day will provide an instant relaxation to you.

Classic design

Some people strongly like to keep a traditional or classic touch in their bedroom. For those people designing their bedroom with Italian bedroom furniture and carved wood furniture would be great. Italian beds are large in size and these have a natural classic touch that will make your bedroom a classy one. Also a mirror that is framed with carved wood will give your room a traditional touch and will always reflect the sophisticated taste you are carrying.

Blend of contemporary and classic design

Nothing will look more amazing if you can create a combination of contemporary and classic design. Exceptions always grab more attention. Imagine if your bedroom will be decorated with some classic paintings, beautiful oil paintings on the wall and a large Italian bed that reflects your classic taste of furniture and how amazing your bedroom will look. Apart from these, try to place a mirror that is designed with a wooden frame according to your room size. All these together will give your room an exceptional decoration that will give you the feeling of tradition with the luxurious facilities of contemporary furniture.

After discussing both choices we could easily conclude that a combination of modern and classic design would create a deadly combo and will make your bedroom exceptionally beautiful.

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