Choosing The Perfect Plants For Your Summer Garden


The summer will be here before you know it and this means it is now time to start looking at what plants you want in your summer garden this year. You should only choose plants that you are able to afford, maintain and will look wonderful in your garden design.

To avoid choosing plants that are not suitable to your garden or lifestyle, I have put together a framework which you should go by when picking plants.


It is important that you design your garden within a set budget; you should not spend hundreds of pounds on your garden if you cannot actually afford it. There are many things that you will need to consider purchasing when buying plants for your garden, this includes:

  • Soil
  • Fertiliser
  • Plant pots
  • Plants
  • Gardening tools

If you have your heart set on a luxury garden full of extravagant plants, you may want to spread the cost over a few years, this way it will not cost as much at one time.

Current Garden Design

Before you go ahead and start purchasing plants and garden ware for your new garden design, you should think about the current plants that you have. Create a written plan of your garden now, and what you want your new garden to look like, including the plants that you want and where you will locate these.

You will then have to decide what you are going to do with existing plants, are you going to move them to another area of the garden or are you going to get rid of them?

You may also need to complete some garden maintenance before you start buying new products, this can include cutting down hedges and trees or even preparing the soil for the new plants.

Gardening Style

You will now need to decide your very own gardening style; do you prefer bright colours or softer shades? Or would you prefer to base your garden on a certain theme such as a cottage garden or would you prefer to purchase plants that fragrances work well together.

You may want to do a bit of investigating into the different gardening styles, and then choose the option perfect for you.

Once you know your style you can start choosing plants that work well together.

Garden Size

You have to be careful with the amount of plants you purchase, you do not want to choose too many plants as it will just end up looking crowded and cluttered. You will also need to consider whether you want the plants to be a focal point of the garden or whether the garden furniture or maybe even a water feature is going to be.

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