A Business Executive’s Guide on How to Set Up Your Home Office


For most people, a home office can be as simple as putting a small desk in the corner of a room and getting all the work done over there. Top-level business executives, however, need a bit of finesse when it comes to their home offices.

These home setups will outlast the pandemic. Even when working-from-home will no longer be an everyday thing, these offices will remain. Executives will use these offices to not only get their work done at home but to also entertain important guests, clients as well as colleagues who visit them over there. Hence, they want their home offices to look somewhat classy and elegant.

Such home-office setups are not just for executives. Anyone can arrange for them as they feel like. Yet, there needs to be a few things that one must ensure to have that executive-office appeal. And if you too would like to go for that appeal in your home office, here is how you should do it.

Start with the Desk

The desk is the most important part of the office. Therefore, you will likely have to spend a great deal of time figuring out what type of desk you want in your home office.

An ordinary office can make do with any type of desk. Usually, it is a simple reading or computer table made of wood; nothing fancy whatsoever. People go for these desks because they consume less space, and are therefore ideal for a home office. However, executives usually have an entire room to themselves, at their homes, where they set up their offices. Hence, they do not usually bother with smaller space-saving desks. Instead, they want something more classy.

Executive office desks are big and take up a good amount of space. However, they are perfect for your home office if you can afford the space. Get something in coffee or charcoal color, preferably oak or walnut. Opt for a plain executive desk and ditch the L-shaped ones if you do not have much space at your house. The desk should be at least large enough to accommodate your laptop or desktop, a telephone, some files and folders, and space where you can get some paperwork done.

Get Some New Blinds for Your Windows

Curtains do not work in an office environment. Hence, there is no way you can make them work in an executive office set up at your home. No matter what the other rooms use to cover their windows, you should ditch the curtains completely and opt for window blinds.

Specifically, you should consider putting up wooden blinds for your home office. They are light but durable. As far as window coverings go, wooden blinds are quality products. They keep things simple yet elegant and make sure that your home office feels special. No matter how big or small the windows are, you are guaranteed to find blinds that fit them perfectly, both in terms of size as well as design. For achieving that executive-office look, these blinds are a perfect choice.

Ensure Seating Arrangement for Your Guests

As mentioned earlier, executives have guests, clients, and colleagues coming over at their home offices all the time. For them, there needs to be some sort of seating arrangement.

Normally, you could just throw in a few chairs and they would not mind. However, you do not want that. Anything that looks ordinary inside your office will make the entire environment feel bleak. So what you need to do is ensure some quality furniture for your guests.

Leather furniture is good enough for any office environment. They are classy and elegant and will add to that executive-like appeal to your office. In case you feel they are a bit too big, opt for oak sofa sets.

Cabinets for Your Files and Documents

The number of cabinets inside your office will depend on the size of the room. Usually, cabinets serve the functional aspect of the workplace, and you do not need to get too creative with them. Yet, to make sure you leave no stone unturned to get that executive appeal, you should opt for shelves or cabinets made of the same material as your office desk. In such cases, mahogany or oak is preferable.

The cabinets will not only hold important files and documents, but they will also house some light decor. So keep that in mind when you are buying them.

These are all the things you need to ensure for having an executive office set up in your home. As you can tell, you will need to spend a bit of money. However, as long as you do it right, and achieve that executive-office vibe, you will not feel bad about spending some cash.

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