5 Upcycled Wire Concealing Ideas For Your Home


People tend to take pride in the appearance of their home. When you put great effort in decorating your house or apartment, the last thing you want to see is unsightly wires everywhere. We tend to be a very connected society. Meaning we have a lot of electronic devices in our homes. Most of us not only have a TV in our home, but we probably have things like computer wires, electronic chargers, DVD wires, home entertainment wires, and even wires to your sound system.

Many of us question how to keep these wires hidden from view while keeping your home looking stylish and clean. Luckily, there are quite a few different ways you can keep all your unsightly wiring from being a complete eyesore. There are several great ideas floating around on how to keep your loose wires in your home out of sight of guests as well as you.

There is most likely a solution to your wiring needs and a way to keep your home looking neat and free of unsightly wires. We went over a few here and there but you can also click here to check out more options for your home or business.

Behind Your Wall:

One option is to run your TV and other wires located nearby literally behind your wall. You can achieve this solution by drilling two holes into the sheetrock or drywall. One behind the TV and the other down near the outlet. Depending on the number of wires at this location will determine how wide the hole will need to be.

It is also wise to use a stud finder before making any holes to be sure there are no studs where you plan to drill. You will then want to install a wall-mounted cable plate and run the cords from the top to the bottom. This may not be a practical solution for everyone, especially for someone who rents and cannot put holes into the wall.

Bundle Wires:

A simple solution is to bunch cords together in a cord wrap or dock. This solution can be useful on a desktop for cords from your computer, phone, printer, and other electronics. It will keep them from getting tangled up as well.

Docking Station:

We tend to have many devised these days like phone, laptop, tablet, and even an e-reader. When it comes to the smaller electronics, we use each day, they all need to be charged at some point. Creating a docking station to conceal these wires is a great idea. You can refurbish something like an old magazine rack or even create one out of an unused drawer or pretty decorative shoe box.

Cable Covers:

This option can be used in a home office but is more generally used in commercial spaces. Cable covers can cover wires that run along the floor or carpeting and not only cover the wires, but also prevent people from tripping over them. This is typical when there is a long length of wire stretching across the floor. It creates a smooth walking surface and disguises the wires concealed within.


This is a long-time classic way of hiding wires running along the floor such as telephones and cable wires. They can easily be tucked behind the baseboard moulding and kept out of sight.

Wire Covers:

There has also been a recent trend is wire covers made of fabric. They tend to have elastic in them and have a bungee look to them. They are mainly used to cover wires going up the wall to conceal TV or cable wires. The nice approach with this idea is they can come in practically any colour and can even come in satin to match your home even further. This is something you can even make yourself if you are handy at sewing.

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