5 Reasons Why Honed Concrete Should Be The First Choice For Homeowners


Buying a home in an urban zone is an achievement in itself. However, your choices are just beginning with the home purchase. The very first decor choice you have to make starts with the flooring. While you will be bowled over by the scores of flooring choices now at your disposal, here are the top 5 reasons why honed concrete flooring should be your very first choice when renovating your new urban home.

Low maintenance and affordable – Most new homeowners are a little tight with their initial decor budget because you have just invested in a real estate option in a high priced location. Urban homes cost a lot. However, your flooring option does not have to add to your burden. Polished concrete floors are extremely affordable and they are low maintenance. When properly sealed, polished concrete floors can be highly resistant to dust, stains and spills. While a hard impact can crack expensive marble or tiled floors, concrete flooring can easily absorb the shock without a dent or scratch to the surface.

Wide range of design choices – When choosing honed concrete Perth companies, you do not have to compromise on the design choices for your new floors. Advanced techniques are now available for incredible concrete finishing that can introduce a wide range of colour customisation to the floors. You can also opt for surface treatments for your flooring with acid and concrete stains mixed with the paint to create a unique final textured finish to your floors.

Slip-resistant floors – At DS Grinding, our service honed concrete is a natural flooring option. For homeowners with little kids and pets, you want flooring options that are not only easy to maintain but also accident resistant. Slippery tiles can be a menace for your little ones and pets when they are being careless. Fortunately, concrete polishing can increase the surface friction of your floors, making them non-slippery. Even high gloss polishing options will not leave your floors as slip prone as any other flooring option available in the market.

Eco-friendly option – Basically polishing and revamping an existing concrete surface without compromising it with added construction materials. After our polishing session, the surface of your floor will be increasingly light reflective. This has also led to many homeowners, needing lesser lighting options for their homes. This indirectly helps save you on energy costs as well.

Long shelf life – Polished concrete floors are known to have remained in viable shape for as long as 15-20 years without any issues. You need to touch up with light maintenance but it will still cost you less in the long run as compared to any other flooring options, which need to be replaced within 5- 10 years at an average.

The way you maintain your floors, the amount of traffic that it has to sustain and the weather of your area will have some impact on the final conditioning of your concrete floors down the line. However, the beauty of a honed concrete floor is you are working with an existing surface, so you can always build on it, or add new polishing methods to change the complete look of your floors, without breaking the bank.

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