3 Creative Ways To Display Your House Number


If you are one of those people who are planning to give your house a makeover and you want to start by your house number plaque, this blog post is for you.

Nothing speaks creativity more than people entering your home and looking at a pretty sign that displays your house number. After all, first impressions are everything. And if you are a creative person you need to have a creative house number plaque.

And we will be sharing with you 3 creative ways you can do that, what you will need and how to do that. So shall we begin?

#1 House number plaque based on a theme

Have you ever seen the signs where you immediately guess the profession of the people living inside or a sign where you can tell if the people living in the house are plant lovers? Well, if you wish to be one of those you need to pick a theme for yourself. Let us step by step look at how you can buy a theme based house number sign.

Step-1 Decide your budget

Why is that a step one? In case you get carried away by a beautiful sign and end up spending a fortune, every time you enter your house you will be reminded of the cost of the sign and it may make you regret. And you don’t want to feel like looking at your sign. So decide your budget and promise yourself you will try to buy within that budget.

Step-2 Note down your ideas

Before you get carried away looking at beautiful designs on the internet, you need to have some ideas of your own. There are thousands of designs on the internet but you want something that will be right for YOU. Your theme should be about you, about your profession, about your liking something about you. So note down your ideas and then start looking on the internet.

Step-3 Look for Design Ideas

Now that you know what your house number plaque is going to be about, look for those ideas on the internet. Pick some ideas, finalise some and keep some buffer ideas in case you don’t find exactly what you were looking for.

Step-4 Look for the ones that you want

Look for the designs you want. You might easily find shopping sites that sell good designs on Pinterest or even Amazon. Or even some social media pages.

Some popular theme based ideas:

1) Advocate theme with old calligraphic font and black and white colour

2) Engineers theme with screws and machines

3) Sign with small potted plants

4) Signs with floral designs

5) Metal based signs

6) Wooden based rustic signs

7) Light based Hollywood style signs

8) Lantern based signs

9) Post based sign

#2 DIY House number Plaque

One of the most popular on the internet, DIY signs are the best if you are looking for a family based recreational activity along with just displaying your house number creatively. But your DIYs need to be less expensive than the bought out ones and even more beautiful. If you don’t know how to do that check out the steps given below;

Step-1 Make a list of things you have lying around in your house

Before you fall in love with a design and end up buying all your supplies from the store, sort out all the things you already have.

Step-2 Look for designs based on what you already have

If you have extra colours lying around or some extra cloth or some designer things, choose your design based on that. Look for all the things that you can replace with what you already have. Before starting make sure you have all the components and designs.

Step -3 Make sure your design is strong and sturdy

Even though you are making them out of things lying around your house make sure you use proper reinforcements like glue, tape nut bolts etc.

Some popular DIY Ideas:

1) Milk carton based sign

2) Glass based sign

3) Flower based sign

4) Potted plant based sign

5) Wooden nail based sign

6) Hanging Sign

7) Simple wooden sign

8) Hanging Bottle based sign

#3 Simple House Number Plaque

Simple signs like metal against wooden base, simple metal signs are also very popular. They are easily available hassle free and provide a soothing experience entering your house. Sometimes simplicity is the key Indeed! And most importantly you can make them yourselves.

Some popular Simple ideas:

1) Wooden background metal font

2) Hanging frame with wooden base

3) Ceramic plate and wooden font

4) Only metal sign

5) Embossed on the door

We hope you found our ideas useful. If you have any ideas other than these let us know in the comments below. Or let us know which of the given ideas will you be using for your own house.

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