How To Deep Clean A Tile Floor?


When it comes to deep clean your house tile floor, it is very important to get some basic knowledge before you start the task. If you clean your floor regularly, it will keep your tiles in good condition, but if your family never leaves things spotless, you have to clean your tile floor after a certain period deep. Floors handle lots of tear & wear; the regular foot traffic is the main reason behind the grout stains. Cleaning a tile floor is not an easy task, but you can do this job in a smart way- not the hard way. Let’s take a look at how you can deep clean your tiles easily as stated by the experts in deep cleaning in Dubai.

Identify Your Tile Floor Material

Before starting tile cleaning and buying cleaners for your tiles, it is important to know about the materials of your tiles. Cleaners have substances and chemicals that may damage your tiles.

Certain types of tiles, such as marble stones, are very sensitive, and chemical cleaners may damage these types of materials. When you use chemical cleaners on the marble stone, it starts a chemical reaction between the marble and chemical. This chemical reaction is because of the calcium carbonate in the stone and acid in the cleaner, and it can permanently damage the marble stone. This also damages the grout between the two tiles, and it can weaken the strength of the floor.

It is advisable to avoid acidic cleaners and natural solutions such as vinegar because it also contains chemicals.

Types of Tile Floor Cleaners

There are different types of cleaners available in the market; some work for all types of cleaning, and others are specific for tile cleaning jobs.

  1. Natural Solutions

If you want to clean your tiles naturally, the natural cleaning solutions are suitable for you. Commercial cleaners contain lots of chemicals, but natural solutions are good alternatives and contain fewer chemicals. Natural cleaning solutions offer the same type of cleaning as commercial cleaners without chemical reaction risk. Natural cleaning solutions like hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda is a great alternative to the bleach. It will clean your tile floor, just like bleach. Vinegar is also a good natural solution for tile cleaning with having some amount of acid, but it is safe as compared to commercial cleaning acids. Natural floor cleaning solutions are very safe to use with a minimum threat to the floor. Check out this article on making natural floor cleaner for a healthier home.

You can mix a natural solution in hot water to reduce the acidic strength and increase their dirt fighting ability.

  1. Chemical Solutions

When it comes to deep clean the tile floor, the things that come in our minds are strong chemicals and bleach. Chemicals are a good option to deep clean your tile floor and disinfect the floor. Chemicals solutions clean the stains like dirt, food, etc. that can damage your tiles. But the downside of chemical cleaning solutions is they are dangerous for human health. Most chemical cleaners contain chemicals like bleach or ammonia, the smell is quite acrid, and it can cause throat and eye irritation as well as dizziness or headache. When chemical cleaners contact human skin, it can cause irritation; on the other hand, the ingestion is fatal in serious circumstances. The most common type of chemical cleaners are ammonia, bleach, and most of the chemical cleaning manufacturers use these two chemicals.

  1. Dry Solutions

Dry solutions are also a good option for little problems like spills and scuffs. Dry solutions are very easy, and they will save your tiles from any type of physical or chemical damages. A pencil eraser can remove the shoe scuff from the floor without using any type of natural or chemical cleaner. A steam mop is also a very useful technique for floor cleaning as compared to commercial chemicals and naturals cleaning techniques.

Tile Floor Deep Cleaning Techniques

Once you found what kind of tile floor material you have, now you can determine and choose the best cleaning solution for deep cleaning your tile floor. Always try to avoid the chemicals while deep cleaning your tile floor.

Cleaning Tiles

  1. Mop Floor with Vinegar and Warm Water
  • Mix 1 gallon of warm water with ½ cup of vinegar and mop your floor as usual. Mop the floor twice to make it neat and cleans.
  • Rinse your floor with warm water. Remove all the residual soap from the floor.
  • Never use chemicals or vinegar on the marble tiles.
  1. Remove Stains

Prepare a thick paste using a 50/5 mixture of warm water and sourcing powder. Now rub this paste on floor stains with a cloth, allow it to sit at least 10 to 15 minutes. Now start scrubbing the area with the help of a soft brush; now wash it with warm water and remove all the paste by a cloth.

  1. Clean The Mildew 

Prepare a solution from ammonia and water mix, both 50/50. Now scrub the floor using a brush and ammonia solution. Now rinse tiles with water, now the mildew has gone.

  1. Remove Rust

Now put on rubber gloves and clean the floor with kerosene. Rub the kerosene with a cloth on the floor. Now wash the floor with warm water; it will remove the residual rust. Repeat this process until the rust is gone completely.

Cleaning Grout

  1. Use Pencil Eraser

When it comes to grout cleaning, the pencil eraser cleaning is a household cleaning trick, and it can clean small sections of the grout easily. You just have to run the pencil eraser over the stains, and it will clean the grout safely.

  • A sandpaper roll may be another good option for the stubborn grout stains.
  1. Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water and make a paste. Now apply this baking soda paste on the grout with the help of an old toothbrush. Scrub the baking soda paste well into the grout. Now wash it with warm water, and its done stains are gone.

  • The dirty grout can be cleaned using natural cleaning methods easily.
  • The tough stains need some more time, for tough stains leave the paste for a few minutes and then start scrubbing.
  1. Bleach

If all-natural methods failed to clean the grout, it’s time to try the bleach solution. Mix 70/25 bleach solution and water for white grout. For colorful grout, use plain water. Never use bleach on the colorful grout because it can remove the color. Now use the edge of a sponge or a brush to clean the dirt. Rinse the tiles with warm water; it will remove the bleach traces.


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