Choosing The Perfect House Number Plaque For Your Address


One can never call a residence home until it is cherished, cared and loved by the people living in it. We all want our home to look beautiful as its décor & maintenance reflects the personality and the state of mind of those living in it. Just as much we love decorating the interiors, the outer area should not be ignored. One major thing that is very essential for home is a proper house number plaque. It acts as an identity or name of your home and should be given good consideration while you are opting for getting your home one. Saying that we have come up with a list for you to consider on choosing the right plaque for your house address.

Opting for the right material

House number plaques are available in a different material to choose from. Different materials reflect distinct styles for instance glass plaques are trendy and look modern as stylish. Similarly wood or stone are more rustic and unique. Nowadays, people are also appreciating slate house number plaques which are generally engraved and are really classy.

Size matters

Before buying a plaque, make sure it is of considerably good size. The numbers and letters written on it are well spaced and big enough to be visible from the road itself. The font of writing should be given good thought as opting for very creative designs can make them more difficult to understand, thus of less use and impact. The visibility and easy readability is the main criteria here.

Consider the aesthetics

Today, you can find a wide variety of number plaques available for your home. They have beautiful shapes, designs, available in vertical as well as horizontal, colours etc. You can always go for the contrast colours as they are more striking or consider engraving options as well.

Illuminated ones

Illuminated plaques are those that come with LED light attachments. They are very attractive and striking for your entrance. Further, you can also choose signs with reflective materials that reflect when the light is placed on them.

Custom made options

From choosing the specified and available plaques, you can always go for your own creativity. Adding a personalized touch will give the sign a unique look. However, make sure to specify your requirements to the shop beforehand and with absolute details so that you don’t end up getting a dog while you opted for a cat.


Whatever you choose to buy, never compromise with the quality. Always look for the shops that have good reviews and are experienced. You would not at all appreciate end-up buying poor quality signs that get easy scratches, tend to fade colours or are not durable enough. All these factors should be looked for wisely.

Finally, get the right furnishing with beautiful embossing & bespoke designs. The house number signs are the first that thing looked upon anyone before even entering your home. It critically forms the first impression of the owner. Only planning a bit beforehand can add a lovely appeal to your home representing it for years to come.

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