A Guide to Chimney Sweep Preparation


If you have an open fire in your living room, you would be in the majority, as more and more UK homeowners are turning to the added comfort that a real open fire offers, especially with the cold winters we experience in the UK. There is a little maintenance involved with having an open fire, and before you call your local chimney sweeps in Bromley, here is a guide to the sweep preparation.

  • Preparing the Fireplace – You should remove all ornaments on and around the mantle to leave at least a couple of square metres clear for the chimney sweep to carry out his work, which would include all fireplace implements. Hot ashes should be removed the day before the chimney sweep arrives, and also remove any unburnt fuel.
  • Cover Soft Furnishings – Your 3-piece suite should be covered with old bedsheets, as should items like bookcases and cabinets, which protects the items from soot contamination. The chimney sweep has his own way of protecting the area to be cleaned, but covering furniture will save time.
  • Protect the Carpet with Old Newspaper – Lay a trail of newspaper from the fireplace hearth to the front door of your home, which allows the sweep easy access.
  • Remove Valuable Items from the Room – The chimney sweep will feel much better if any valuables are temporarily stored in another room, thus avoiding the risk of damage.

The chimney sweep knows his work inside out, and the job is usually a simple process, and if all of the above have been prepared prior to his arrival, it makes things that much easier. The removed soot can either be taken away by the sweep, or if you prefer, you can use it to fertilise the garden.

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